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Disposable Or Invaluable: How Humans Determine Worth

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Humans have always have taken interest in the prospects of building cyborgs or creating other forms of life in their image. These ideals go towards our ultimate goal of making tasks much simpler, or eliminating them altogether. Instead of needing to take time out of ones day, a cyborg could complete tasks for humans that they find to be extremely mundane, but need to be done, or even more dangerous tasks such as filling places for soldiers in a war. Cyborgs would make human’s lives easier and safer. However if these mechanical beings were given the ability to function just as we do, it would no longer just be about what they could do for us, but rather if they are still considered machines ...view middle of the document...

He put aside that Yod could in fact, though not exactly in the same ways, convey and understand emotions and this is in part because he was able to assess the whole situation. That being said, Avram was able to see how it would turn out if they did not follow these actions through. Though Yod’s death was a dismal conclusion, if it was not carried out it would have been virtually impossible to avoid an attack by the Y.S. Avram’s decision, in some ways, was similar to the decision made by the character Tom Lincoln in the 2005 film The Island. Lincoln’s decision to not help his clone, Lincoln Six Echo, was due to the fact that without Lincoln’s organs, he would not survive (Bay). If this choice was given to many people to either sacrifice oneself, or to save someone else that you hardly knew or understood, the decision would most likely lean towards sacrificing the other person.
These different outlooks lead to the topic of self-interest and self-sacrifice, as they both highly influence a person’s decision and emotions. Take for example the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust, and how propaganda turned countless numbers of people against them. Jeffery Herf, the writer of The Jewish describes how this propaganda was used to create paranoia and hatred towards them, support for Germany’s self-interested cause in fighting the war, and making it acceptable for them to have their Anti-Semitic idealism (Herf). The use of this propaganda influenced extensive amounts of grown adults and those old enough to understand; making many children grow up biased towards the Jews and those who defended them, believing that they truly were an evil race worth exterminating and treating them as inferior.
Furthermore, people have kept their self-interest in many other points of human history by using others for their own gain and luxury. Slavery was highly acceptable and in the 16th to 19th century as it was common for people to own other races as slaves and considered them to be inferior. These slaves were stripped of their rights, and regarded as property to their masters. The conditions these slaves had to endure were poor at the least; being forced to work countless hours for their masters and undergoing beatings if they didn’t work up to the master’s standards. Although it is still seen in the world as of today with child labor and trafficing, the majorities now see this to be an immoral and inexcusable crime.
If robots were able to think at the same capacity as humans the idea of it crossing the line into being considered slavery would not be farfetched. Stephen Peterson’s journal discusses these matters and compares them to how humans would react if their own species were subjected to the same conditions. He calls these points of views ERS and EHS. These abbreviations stand for Engineered Robot Servitude and Engineered Human Servitude and...

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