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Disposal Sea Act Essay

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Why is pollution still running rampant in our environment? People have seen many of the direct and indirect effects it has on the environment and on them. Are there no effective laws in place to regulate it? Canada has many laws that attempt to stop and regulate pollution. But despite this, Pollution is still a major concern for people around the world and it is still happening. What are Canada's so called enforcement measures and are they effective? Canada has the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), which includes an Act called the Ocean Dumping Act, which focuses mainly on the disposal at sea. The disposal at Sea program was implemented to set guidelines and regulations regarding disposal of wastes at Sea. But this Act has many loopholes and weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to secure its effectiveness in protecting the Oceans. One of the issues with this Act is that some forms and sources of Ocean pollution have been overlooked or excluded from the Act. Monitoring of pollution sites at sea is very difficult as well as the enforcement of these laws have proven to be inefficient at deterring polluting behavior.What is CEPA?Canada has created laws under CEPA, which is a consolidation of the Environmental Contaminants Act, the Air Quality Act, the Canada Water Act, the Ocean Dumping Act and the Department of the Environment Act. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) is an important part of Canada's federal environmental legislation which main goal is to implement tools that would allow for the conservation and sustainability of the environment. CEPA 1999 came into force on March 31, 2000 after it was reviewed by the Parliament. The disposal at Sea program was included in the Act and according to it Disposal at sea is the deliberate disposal of approved substances at sea from ships, aircraft, platforms or other structures.In this part of the revised Act a new definition of waste was broaden so that materials acceptable for disposal would include: dredged material; fish or other organic waste from fish processing; ships, aircraft, platforms or other structures, once all material that could create floating debris had been removed, provided these substances would not pose a serious obstacle to fishing or navigation; inert, inorganic geological matter (such as sand or rock); uncontaminated organic matter; and bulky metal or concrete substances that did not have a significant adverse effect, other than a physical effect, on the sea or seabed, provided disposal at sea was the only practicable manner of disposing of them and they would not pose a serious obstacle to fishing or navigation.The Act prohibits the importing, exporting and loading of a substance into a ship for the purpose of disposal in the sea as well as the actual disposal or incineration of a substance at sea, unless the disposal and incineration are done in accordance with a Canadian permit and the substance in question is "waste or other...

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