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Disrespect And Its Effects To A Society And Its People

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I feel both ways on this. Dlsresp le act or treat others. Just worry
to worry about how peop
society should not care. It does not need und goes around. If you treat
What comes aro
hat everyone else does. e
about yourself and not w _ with respeCt. The sam
someone WIll treat you
. will come back to you,
someone with respect, It ed Remember that if you
au would like to be treat .
with disrespect. Treat othe£s the way Y
to be treated how you treated them.
disrespect someone; be ready 4:: 1 low but they
d . ake that person ~ee ,
Yes it is rude to be treated with disrespect, an 1t can m . .
. ..£' • h and sometunes 1t
. d Life is not a bowl of peaches, hIe 1S toug ,
need to get over 1t an move on. ...view middle of the document...

Also if you really are having a problem with a person's disrespect, bring it to their attention.
They might not of been aware that they were being disrespectful. Additionally you need to let
them know that it bothered and really offended you. That may make them realize what they did
was a mistake, and they should not do it again,
But why do people disrespect others? Most people disrespect others because they want to
put others down and make themselves feel more superior to those. Just do not get your panties in
a wad over an idiot that is not respectful. When a person disrespects another person, it is because
they do not really respect themselves. Lack of self-confidence and self-respect causes people to
be disrespectful. People think that they have a right to voice their opinion on anyone or everyone,
even though they may be wrong. Their opinion may be rude to another person, and it may make
them feel disrespected.
Disrespect can be executed in many different ways. Some examples arc by, being
ignored, being judged, being belittled, being misrepresented or by being patronized. Those are
just a few, to all the many different ways of being disrespected. These forms of disrespect can
leave us feeling meaningless and have us questioning our self-worth.
In a classroom situation respect should be given by the students and the teacher. The
teacher is the adult and it is pr th t th d
oper a e stu ents respect them. Not every student thinks that
way, Students know if they can take advantage of a teacher. I feel it is the teacher's
responsibility to show and make it clear to the students that you, the teacher, are the authority
and expects to be treated with respect. Teachers need to make this clea . ht
. r rIg. away to the
students. If not, the students will realize that this teacher will be 'easy' M b 'f
. ay e 1 teachers knew how to control their class...

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