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Disrespect: It Hurts Essay

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Disrespect is everywhere. It can be out in the open or invisible, but it's out there. People can be
disrespectful without knowing it. Some know they're being disrespectful and are just interested in a
reaction or they honestly don't care about the other person's feelings. In my opinion, animals have more
respect than humans. Disrespect can target anyone from lower class citizens to higher class citizens.
Even people who were famous mathematicians weren't treated as equals because of what they
believed in.
Evariste Galois', for example, his school reports described him as singular, bizarre, original
and closed. The most original mathematician at that time received criticism for being ...view middle of the document...

His illness may not have occurred due to the disrespect that he received,
but it could have added to the severity of his depression.
Disrespect can degrade a human being. It doesn't take much to take much to lower someone's
self-esteem and the way they they see themselves. Self harm, suicide, and depression can occur. Foul
words, interruptions, laughing at someone's mishaps, it all adds up. It's serious or just playing around,
whos to say how the person feels about it. It can't be stopped, at least not now. Good manners and
listening to authority doesn't exist anymore. For some it does, but others it doesn't. The one's who are
good, listen, and behave get punished as well when it comes to others who are being the disrespectful
ones. It's all an unfair circle that goes around and around, never stopping to think about the
Being disrespectful doesn't guarantee respect from others. One act of disrespect ean lead to
ruined friendships, detention, confiscation of a phone or other electronics, restrictions, jail time or
unfortunately death. Nobody wins in this game. So why do people even try. Of course, disrespect
occurs in the slightest way and sometimes it can't be stopped in time, but why be severe about it. It
hurts on both sides. it may not hurt at the beginning, but in the end it does. Karma can be a b****
Marc Prensky, the author of "Listen to the Natives'" quotes, "With such an atmosphere of
mutual disrespect festering in our classrooms, learning is becoming increasingly difficult. Before you can
teach or learn from someone, you need to genuinely respect them," he says and this is true. Again with
the never ending circle. Both the teacher and the student can disrupt a learning environment. It happens.
The students disrespect the teacher by talking while he/she is talking. Therefore, the teacher disrespect
the students. Or the teacher can disrespect a student or...

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