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Disruptive Youths And Public Schools Essay

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Disruptive Youths and Public Schools
Juveniles attend school to obtain their education and should think they are secure, safe, and at peace while attending school. Juveniles who attend public schools with little or no interest in education tend to act in ways that disturb other classmates. Most public schools have had an increase in disruptive, disrespectful, and even aggressive students over the past few years. For overly disruptive students, local court justice systems can appoint troublesome youths to an alternative school. Alternative Schools for Disruptive Youths (1999) provide an effective schooling option for trouble youths. Jacksonville, Florida offers three public alternative schools for disruptive youths: Mattie V Rutherford Alterative Education Center, Grand Park Education Center, and Lackawanna Alternative Education Center. According to Hill (2004-2009), “A juvenile delinquent is a person who is under age (usually below 18), who is found to have committed a crime in the states which have declared by law that a minor lacks responsibility and may not be sentenced as an adult” (juvenile delinquent, para. 1). Because troublesome students cause disturbances in schools, juvenile delinquents should not be allowed to attend public schools because of disruptive behavior in class, lack of academic interest, and benefits of delinquents in alternative schooling.
Disruptive Behavior in Class
Lack of supervision from parents or a poor upbringing of youth can both be factors to why children come to school with a hostile attitude and disruptive behavior. Acts of violence such as fighting are ways some children can release their frustration and low self esteem toward other classmates. By fighting and beating up another student, one can think better about themselves. Fighting at school is extremely dangerous to both the other classmates and faculty members. With many gangs out on the street there is a good chance that they will lead into school. Gangs and fighting are acts of violence in which most cases can become deadly for the individuals involved and innocent bystanders. Guns, knives, and other weapons are commonly found among gang members. According to Jenkins (2004) “Youth violence and gangs pose a serious threat to schools. Many of the problems students face outside of the school manifest and explode on school campuses. Gangs use the school as a means of doing business, recruiting new members, and showing their strength.” The school is no place for gangs, fighting, or any other acts of violence. These types of acts must be kept from the school so that other students are safe and won’t cause a distraction. According to Jenkins (2004) “Violence is widespread, and our children are at risk by attending school. As a result, the United States has seen a rise in the number of children enrolled in private schools or receiving home schooling.” If there isn’t a method to eliminate violence at school then parents may find an alternative or use...

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