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Analysis On The Book Dissecting The Hack

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Dissecting the Hack is a great book for any technological geared individual. Whether one is a seasoned hacker or an average-Joe from off the street this book will give the individual new information to build on their repertoire. I highly recommend this book for this reason and many others. This book is unlike most other books on cyber crime, it is a fictional story that incorporates real hacks that is very much within the realm of possibility. If a reader becomes stumped after a technical word or hack is used, the book will refer the reader to the second section, which will explain it in more detail. The world is full of criminal activity and with the advancement of technology in today’s world this makes crime a more than ever dangerous reality.
The story in the first part of the book, F0rb1dd3n, is very riveting. The story centers around two college kids who get caught up in a mess of terrorism and corporate sabotage. The story starts out describing the Russian terrorists for hire. A hapless American businessman wonders over to Russia on a “business trip” to meet a “client”. The man’s hotel room ends up being swept by the criminals and his identity along with other sensitive information is stolen. He is now a useless pawn and is then sent back to the airport in a taxi, driven by none other than Andrei the meathead killer of the gang. Andrei ends up pulling over to the side of the road and shooting the man execution style in the head. The Russians then move onto newer territory in the U.S. to work on a project having to do with the newly acquired information. The new location is Houston, Texas. Bob and Leon, the two teenagers, are part of an underground hacker club 2600. These meetings take place in the real world as well; one can find them in any major city. They formulate a game called capture the flag, where a person goes around searching for open access ports via WIFI and then plants icons, or flags, into the access points. After the flags are planted, players then race to go find them and collect them. The player with the most flags at the end of the time period wins. During the scanning phase the boys stumble upon an open access point in a parking lot across from a data restructuring company 3DNF, Inc. The company is being bought out by a military defense firm and is in the process of merging. It just so happens the Russian terrorists are in the parking lot and this is their access point. They are trying to infiltrate the company and sabotage it from within. The Russians spot Bob and Leon and an epic car chase ensues. Bob and Leon get away and collect their thoughts only to find out that the Russians have located Bob’s house and have kidnapped his father. Bob and Leon look for help in their fellow hackers from 2600. They swap cars with Rudy, a friend and fellow hacker. On the run and scared, Bob and Leon are on a crunch for some cash. They end up wardriving around an upper class neighborhood looking for an open access port. Upon finding...

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