Dissecting The Hack: The Forb1dd3n Network

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Dissecting the Hack: The Forb1dd3n Network raises the awareness that everyone, both corporate entities and private individuals, is susceptible to a hacking attack. The book is segmented in two parts. The first part contains an interesting work of fiction containing a fairly complex hacking plot. The story is told in the fashion of a Jason Bourne or James Bond plotline. There is mystery, murder, and an air of honesty that involves the reader from start to finish. Part two is the technical "how to" portion of the book that explains in great detail how all of the espionage in the preceding part one actually works. Part two is referred to as Security Threats Are Real (STAR). The book functions well as both a "how to" and as a good story.
After enjoying both aspects of the book, one may wonder what others thought about it. Upon discovering a review posted on a personal blog, the McGrew Security website, a reader's opinion of the book may change. The author as a whole gives the narrative portion of the book a fairly positive review; however, the second section did not receive the same consideration (McGrew, 2009a). Apparently the author of the blog found more than a few items plagiarized directly from the Internet. Perhaps even more concerning was that many of the passages were taken directly from Wikipedia: a questionable source for documenting the "scholarly" section of the book (Wikipedia, 2013). For someone interested in learning about hacking and other ethical dilemmas, a question of integrity of the work obviously raises concerns. After doing research, one can find solutions to this problem.
Upon discovering the blatant plagiarism that was rampant in the STAR section of the book, the publisher immediately pulled the book from the shelf (Zors, 2010). The McGrew Security website records the process that the publisher, editors, and writers undertook to maintain their reputation. Initially the McGrew Security website posted at least fifty-five instances of plagiarism taken from the web (Appendix A). The primary author of the book, Jayson Street posted a response to the accusations implicating the technical editor of the book, Dustin L. Fritz as the party responsible for the plagiarism (Appendix B). Street stated that he had trusted Fritz to meet the deadline with his portion of the book (McGrew, 2009b). McGrew discusses how Fritz posted a weak apology claiming an honest mistake. The publisher, Syngress, released a statement in which they disclosed the following:
"The book’s technical editor is the source of this plagiarism. He greatly overstepped his role. He did, in fact, plagiarize despite signing an agreement that explained his role was to fact check and prevent plagiarism. The book’s authors, Jayson Street and Kent Nabors were not involved." (McGrew, 2009b)
Finally, the publisher pulled all remaining copies of the book and sent it to immediate revision. On July 15, 2010 a revised edition with a new technical editor was released. McGrew (2010)...

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