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Dissertation Info Essay

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UNIVERSITY OF SURREY SURREY EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT SCHOOL DISSERTATION AND PROJECTS CONTENTS 1. Suggested timetable (different for each cohort) 2. Proposal (to be completed NOW) 3. Dissertation Cover Sheet (to be attached to each section of dissertation sent in) 4. Advice 5. Draft dissertation & project marking checklist (to be attached to draft dissertation) 6. Dissertation and Project Criteria 7. Use of Case Studies in Research 8. Sample title page 9. Sample contents page 10. Technical notes 11. Supervision notes (either for Overseas or Guildford based students) 12. Format for disk copy 13. Hardbound copy details 14. Common faults in Projects/Dissertations 15. Research topics of interest to SeMS staff You are also advised to read section 30 or 31 in your Programme Regulations and the relevant pages in the Student Handbook which give further guidelines.MSc Project Completion Date: 31 August 2002 PLEASE NOTE that if you choose not to, or are unable to work to this timetable, no alternative timetable will be provided.IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR WORK ON TIME, YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT BY THE END OF AUGUST.Week 1 w/c 10 December Project Packs distributed The first step for your Project is to complete a Proposal Form. This does not simply mean thinking of something which you want to do but planning how you are going to do it. Think of a few topics and go to the library and do some research both in the topic area and into possible research methods. You will be expected to justify these to your supervisor - this is an opportunity to ?try out? your rationale before you have done much work. If you have chosen a methodology your supervisor may advise you on its usefulness to your situation, if you have not your supervisor will only advise you to read the books listed in this handout and review the Decision Making in Business LearnWare.Week 4 Hand in Proposal Form to the Dissertation Co-ordinator w/c 15/1/01 Students attend meeting to discuss their topic and methodology The completed Progress Plans must be put in the assignment box before 9am on Wednesday 23 January. Over the next week you will be allocated a supervisor. Please watch the noticeboard for details. Your supervisor will then make an appointment to see you. The time and place of this appointment will be posted on the noticeboard - it is your responsibility to check the noticeboard and to make arrangements to attend. You should consider meetings scheduled by your supervisor in the same way as lectures - they are held once only whether you are there or not. Please also note that these supervision sessions are limited to THREE only.Week 18 Submission of one full draft chapter relating to the review 29/04/02 of literature, theory and concepts This chapter will define the context and parameters of the research problem. This includes setting out definitions as required, a review of the literature on and research into the concepts being studied in the research. The draft chapter must...

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