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Dissertation Proposal Of An Analysis Of The Strategies And Effort Of Product Placement In Movies

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Analysis of the Strategies and Effort of Product Placement in MoviesObject of analysisThe term of "product placement" is not a new concept, it has occurred in the 1920s and early 1930s(Balasubramanian, Karrh, and Patwardhan, 2006, pp115,116). According to Gupta and Gould(in Wenner, 2004, p103), product placement involves use of the certain brand or item's name, packaging, signage or other trademark in television or movies, with which to promote sale and get money in return. Unfortunately, their growth was sporadic and uncertain at that time. With the development of communication technologies, the definition of product placement has changed. Currently, this type of advertising is not only appearing on traditional media but also covers video games, Internet or other forms of media (Hudson and Hudson, 2006, p492).The reasons for why product placement has blossomed so fast in the recent years are complex. It may be owing to a successful case by director Steven Spielberg, who had placed a brand of chocolate into E.T.'s screen, and that has promoted the sale of Reese's Pieces chocolate increasing by 60%(Gregorio and Sung, 2010, p87). Similarly, it may be as a result of audience attitudes' defenses or negative towards traditional advertisement (Cheng, Liang, Zhang and Fang, 2013, p3). In addition, according to Park and Berger(2010, p428), "moviegoers often leave theaters with two things in mind: the entertainment they have experienced and brand awareness stimulated by the product placements in films". In short, driven by commercial interests, product placement has been increasingly used in the context of globalization to ensure a more positive and effective communication effect than traditional advertisement, during the convey process(Nelson and Deshpande, 2013, p1).This phenomenon has attracted many scholars' attention(Clifton and John Simmons, 2003; McKechnie and Zhou, 2003; Olson,2004; Lehu, 2007; Wenner, 2008; Galician, 2010; Gupta and Lord, 2012; Malefyt and Morais, 2010; Balasubramanian, Karrh and Patwardhan, 2013). As a consequent, a large amount of studies about product placement can be accessed at present. However, these studies of brand or product in films are often associated with economic dimension that refers to marketing, advertising or film industries, consumer's attitudes. On the contrary, there are few studies analysing the text of product placement. My research will examine this area, and use communication theories to analyse product placement's text. However, the topic about textual study of product placement in movies is wide. In order to narrow down my research topic, I will focus on foreign brands in six most popular Chinese movies. I hope that it may help foreign brands have a clear perspective of the situation of foreign brands in Chinese movies, and think about how to enhance the communication effect on brands promotion.Research questionMy main research question is how foreign brands has been placed into Chinese movies, and what...

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