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Dissimilarities Between North Korea And South Korea

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Dissimilarities between North Korea and South Korea

“We risked our lives for a South Korean dream, but If a war breaks out, should I fight South Koreans or should I shoot at my relatives in the North?” asks Ri Kyong” The Republic of Korea was small a country which was located in the far eastern edge of Asia. It was separated when the Korea War started in 1950 and lasted until 1953. At that time it turned into two different countries, which are known today as North Korea and South Korea .Thereafter these two countries have attempted to find ways to advance their power and wealth compared to the other, and work their way through the world’s exponential growth in all forms of technology. ...view middle of the document...

Second of all, even though both North and South Korea used to be one country they were separated after the World War II and each of them has its own geographical properties. Some of these properties are: Areas, and Borders; North Korea is slightly bigger than South Korea. The area of the North is 120,538 sq km, while the area of the South is 99,720 sq km. North Korea is mostly land, while South Korea consists of both land and water, they are in the ratio 35:1 respectively. Furthermore, North Korea has boundaries with Russia, China and South Korea; However, South Korea has boundaries only with North Korea. Another geographical deference is their natural resources, North has more raw materials than the South; for instance, North Korea has gold and copper but South Korea does not have either of them.
After the split that occurred because of World War II, South Korea and North Korea have changed their political systems. South Korea is now a republican country where it is ruled by a president who is then put down every five years to elect a new president. It is divided into three parts which are the executives, judicial and legislative branches. South Korea chose this political system because they were allies with the United States and they were greatly influenced by them. The people of South Korea have the freedom of speech. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which is also known as North Korea is a Democratic country which means is it ruled by one person every term but in reality North Korea is a communist country. North Korea became a democratic country after World War II when Kim Jong Il came back from the Soviet Union and went back to North Korea and was considered a hero and then he became the ruler of the country. In North Korea their political management is based on their loyalty to Kim Jong Il and the Korean Workers’ Party. South Koreas military has an evolved military, where it is also being strengthened by the United States military. On the other hand North Korea’s military is primitive since they have not achieved any progress after the Cold War between United States and Soviet Union. They were strong allies with the Soviet Union and also other communist/socialist countries like Cuba. Kim Jong IL was the former president/dictator until he died his successor is his son Kim Jong Un. North Korea is a country ruled by sadistic leaders who force the people to stay in the primitive lifestyle of farming and other rural ways of living, the people are controlled through the government’s propaganda to force men into the military and women...

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