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Dissociative Identity Disorder (Did) Essay

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When you hear “Multiple Personality” you often think of a crime show and this disorder is what the serial killer has, but its much more than that. It starts as a series of stress full and painful episodes that happen in that individual’s childhood. It then slowly grows in to something close to a while different person inside of you. People with this disorder are not sociable. Yet there is help for this disorder: Hypnosis is one of the treatments that are used for this disease. (3: SV: SV)
Dissociative disorders can affect someone’s memory and make someone forget some of the important things in his or her life suck as their own identity. “When a dissociative identity disorder comes in to a person life it normally can make that person seem very distant and never aware of the other people in their lives.” (Diseases; 1) Which means that this person has absolutely no socials life. This person, when having a traumatic childhood, he or she can establish two or more different sets of personality. As an adult, this person may see an object that triggers the other personalities to come out; meanwhile, attempt to take control over the body.1a. SV; conj. adv, SV.) This other personality can be a different gender and he or she will most likely go by a different name. When this personality is in play the person’s original personality will have no memory of what the other being inside of him or her may have done.
What happens during a child’s first years can be very crucial in how this individual turns out in adulthood. “Recurrence of episodes involving physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in the childhood.” (Diseases 1: Pais 3) Which means when a child experiences one of these traumatic events constantly they try to seek comfort. This is where the other personality starts to develop. Now as an adult when that person is put into one of those traumatic situations again its causes an alter in the personalities, meaning that the two or more personalities that this one person may possess switch. Knowing this information now, parents should be more cautious on how they are treating their children through these developmental stages in their childhood.
While this new identity is forming there are symptoms that many will notice in these individuals life. These people will start hearing the other personality inside their head trying to seek control over the body. Along with the voices they hear, they may also see the other being that has formed inside of the person. People hearing these voices often become suicidal says Shobha Pais (3). For Example they may start cutting their wrist because when they are focusing so much on the pain. They being not to hear the voices trying to speak to them, the same voice that it trying to get out. Not only are these hearing voices they sometimes even see the person or other identity talking to them. Which means the person is hallucinating the individual...

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