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Distance Learning Essay

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Unit 5 IP 1Unit 5 IPDistance LearningSheri BeasleyBusiness PresentationsBy:Robbie L. RodgersAugust 14, 2004Unit 5 IP 2Going The Distance"An Alliance For Action"I. Introduction1. The Growth Of Distance Learning2. Wisdom Comes With Knowledge3. ACTION4. Everything To Gain5. Taking Action Heeds Funding6. Distance Learning- the college perspectiveII. The Growth of Distance Learning(CNN, 2003)a. Colleges report an increase of 13% in enrollmentb. Testimonies from David Ford and John Floresc. Report from International Data Corporationd. 92% of Distance Learning Students are enrolled in Public InstitutionsIII. Wisdom Comes With Knowledge(MIT, 2000)a. Distance Learning is a critical application of economic and social developmentb. Primary goal of Distance Learning is student successc. Distance Learning Capitalizes on emerging market opportunitiesd. Distance Learning serves as a catalyst for institutional transformationsIV. Action (Personal power, n.d.)a. A- Accessb. C- Consensusc. T- Teaching and Learningd. I- Investmente. O- Organizationf. N- NeedsV. Everything to Gain(MIT, 2000)a. Increase Access and Affordability to Studentsb. Strengthen Enrollmentc. Expand Course Offeringsd. Serve Local Employerse. Expand an Institutions Geographic Reachf. Achieve Customer SatisfactionVI. Taking Action Heeds Funding(Websys, 1997)a. Federal Grants support Distance Learningb. Star School Programsc. National Science Foundationd. U.S. Department of Educatione. Non-Government Grants from private institutionsUnit 5 IP 3VII. Distance Learning- The College Perspective(, 2002)a. Technology Impacts today's Studentsb. Formal learning sets standards for geographical issuesc. Communication and collaboration foster strong learning communitiesd. Enrollments and Courses increase through Distance Learninge. Colleges report DL students excel in time management, commitment, and a changed mindset toward careerVIII. SummaryXIV. Conclusiona. Questions and Answersb. Expectationsc. Ending ThoughtsIX. SourcesMy presentation is planned to last for 35 minutes, to the CEO and other officers ina company that is interested in investing in a Distance Learning program. My goal isto persuade them into seeing the overall benefits of their investment. To begin, I willexplain in detail what I will need, and give feedback from my example presentation,concluding with how I plan on making my presentation memorable.Materials that will be needed for my presentation:1. My laptop2. Projector/Speakers3. External display port for projector and speakers4. My outline5. Copies of my outline for each member, one page will consist of detailed statistics and 2004 survey results of Distance Learning. Also, the last page will show my summary and conclusion with my closing statement.I plan to wear a business suit, navy blue, white blouse, and heels. My hair upin a nice clip with my glasses. I choose these particular items because I haveincorporated a few sound effects into my presentation, and I want each member to...

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