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Distance Learning Is Good Essay

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For decades, going to school has become every kid’s nightmare which haunts them for an eternity, from Pre-K to senior in high school. I still remember waking up at 6 in the morning just to catch the school bus, or else I have to march one and a half mile hike to school. Especially in the winter time, when walking was not an entertaining way to commute from my house to school and back. It was all hades. And then, I started to think about a way of learning education which does not require the present of students, nor teachers. But that was just an idea, I thought. Then after high school moving on to college, the idea of taking courses without having to be in an actual classroom came true when ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, distance learning should be one of the courses that students should consider taking when they are in college.
First of all, the benefits that distance learning provides are undeniable. For example, distance learning gives many students chances to work and go to school at the same time due to its benefit in time efficiency, and flexible schedule. College students are known for surviving expensive college tuition, but live with very little to no source of income. So by taking distance learning courses, students will have more time besides school to get a job in order to pay for college and everyday expenses. As Suzanne M. Kelly, a real life college student and instructor states that “That is particularly true for women, who must often balance mothering with paid work and find it impossible to be a student in the parameters of traditional education. But online courses are just a substitute…” (178). This proves that distance learning sometimes is the only way that people, especially women, can choose to pursuit higher education. Distance learning is a great education method to save time for students. Students can register for classes that suit their schedule best, and better yet, they can study whenever they want, however they want. In addition, students who take distance learning courses do not have to worry about attendance in class, which releases stresses and tensions that one have to face in real physical classes. Moreover, distance learning courses have a psychologically advantage over physical college courses. In a tradition college course, students easily get stressed out and tired in a classroom, many feel so stressed that they neglect to ask questions or participate in class activity. In contrast, distance learning courses provide a relaxing, and quite study environment to students. Students can work on their own anytime they want, there will be absolutely no pressure or noise that can interfere the ability of students to get their works done. In addition, many researches have shown that most of the students who take distance learning courses are stress-free. Therefore, students who take distance learning courses are usually very effective when it comes to work and study.
Next, lower cost compared to traditional courses is another reason students should take distance learning classes. Due to the efficiency of distance learning courses, the cost to register for one distance learning course is way lower than which traditional course costs. Most of college students deal with financial problem every day. So it is very important that they can save money from registering for class. Distance learning again is an affordable option for college students who in need of financial aid. Distance learning is cheap because of its low-cost requirement to operate. I, myself, saved around 500 dollars because I switched two of my classes from traditional to online classes, and the 500 dollars extra went to books and other supplies that needed for...

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