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I identify myself with many different types of groups: a dieter, student, goal setter, sports fanatic, distance runner, and many others. I, however, have been most appreciative to be a part of the distance runners’ group. The sport of cross country has been a blessing and has influenced me so much since my first season. It has, after all, taught me with many different skills that I thought would not be possible for me to attain. The sport involves getting up early in the morning to run many miles. Cross country has influenced me in being intelligent, having a tougher mentality, and having the ability to have discipline.
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I, myself, have come from being a sprinter to a distance runner. I thought it was pointless to run for miles and miles. Until one day I gave the sport of cross country a try.
It was early and dark, and I did not want to be there. The first thing the coach had us do was warm up then go run three miles. I said, “Alright let’s do this; how hard can it be.” Within half a mile, I was already giving up. I stopped and realized this was tough and that I was wrong. I finished two miles then quit. I went home exhausted, falling over my bed. I felt foolish to have thought it was easy, but I said, “I have to stick with it.” After going on many races, I finally got the hang of distance running and even finishing the three miles I did not before.
Running cross country has benefited me in many ways because of the qualities I have gained through the activity. It has helped me have a better and vibrant mentality. It has also helped me to focus in everything I do and has taught me discipline. Running long distances has influenced me to become a more intelligent student. Before joining this group, I had trouble with school academics. It was tough for me to pay attention in class and learn. School was becoming stressful. After a year of cross country, I realized that I could pay better attention in class and was able to study for test without difficulty. Before, studying for science test was a challenge. I did not quite understand what we were being taught and not focusing in class made it even worse. Now I notice my mind is better able to process what is being explained. Distance running has helped me do better in school with its benefits. Running is exercise; it “increases the level of brain chemicals called growth factors” and “growth factors help make new brain cells and establish new connections between brain cells to help us learn” (Matta). This research shows that it can benefit ones intelligence level.
While driving a vehicle,...

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