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Distant Education: Online Learning Essay

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The development in the information technology during the recent past has increased the overall ability and the reach of the people to the education. For this reason the areas of the online learning are improving to a great extent especially for the high school students. As a result of these improvements and developments, the distant leaning has become an alternative to the schools or colleges (Orgunleye, A. 2013). The distant learning has helped the people who were not able to study because of distance problems and it has helped increase the literacy rate and higher degree rate by encouraging more people to learn. A variety of the degree programs are available on the internet by number of education institutions (Mary F. Ziegler, T. P. 2014). These learning technologies have given the extensive options for the delivery of the education between the student and teacher without having them to meet on a physical place. But the benefits of the each learning model are different and there are some limitations of each of education model (Mary F. Ziegler, T. P. 2014).
The teachers and students can interact with each other through live chats, net-meeting, video conferencing or video streaming. There are almost tutorials available on every topic on the internet for the student to get the help from these tutorials. The distant learning has helped the people help each other in the education through interacting with each other through information technology (Mary F. Ziegler, T. P. 2014).
Developments in Information Technology over the past two decades have given people all over the world the ability to obtain information and interact at a remarkable rate. As a result of these developments, the area of online learning, especially for the high school student population, is also growing at a tremendous rate. It has become an alternative to the school environment.

Distance learning is believed to be slowly evolving as time goes by. Studies conducted reveal that this learning is believed to have started in the 18th century. However, it was not successful during that period as there were no equipment to facilitate the learning. The first long distance student is believed to have emerged in 1990. At this time, the student faced many challenges in learning as there were no technological developments in the communication sector that facilitated his learning. This is not the case on today’s world whereby many people engage in this type of learning. The major factors leading to the success of this learning is the internet and technological revolution in the communication sector. Today’s touch technology has made this learning very friendly to students and it is the main reason why many people have embraced it. For instance, mobile computing has made it easy for people to learn wherever they are even in public gatherings (Orgunleye, 2013).
There are various steps that a person should put in place in order to become successful in this learning. One of these measures is...

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