Difference Between A Leader And A Manager

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IntroductionAccording to Muenjohn, Boucher and Tran 2010, ‘Leadership is theability to inspire confidence and support among the people who needed to achieve organizational goals.’ In this module, we learn the differences between what makes a leader and a manager. And the purposeof this assessment is to do a reflection on an analysis of anotherleader for my leadership improvement by applying the relevant theoriesand concepts learned in this module.Task One: ObservationThe person that I have chosen to do this report on is a leader in avoluntary organisation whom I have worked with. Her name is DarrylLoh, 29, she has recently become a mother of one and to my knowledge,she has done much voluntary work/ community work since 2001 as anintern at City Harvest Community Services Association and eventuallybecomes a staff in 2002 till now. Recently she has taken part in abig-scale corporate social responsibility project that was organizedby CapitaLand, LEGO Singapore and Mediacorp’s ‘We Are One’ on 7November at ION Orchard. It was through this project whereby I hadvolunteered that we have worked together, though I have known her forabout two years.“City Harvest Community Services Association (CHCSA) was establishedin March 1996. CHCSA passionately believes in a culture of lovingothers fervently. With that, on 31 August 2008, we have a dedicatedgroup of 8 full-time staff and 784 volunteers who work towardfulfilling the vision of making a difference in our society. In 2008alone, CHCSA provided 22,996 services to 14,276 unique individuals.”(Taken from CHCSA website)The Association provides services for: The Elderly, The Children, TheIntellectually Disabled, The Hearing Impaired, The Terminally-Ill,Multiple Sclerosis Patients, The Family, The Youth, Rehabilitation andCommunity Projects.Darryl is a staff at CHCSA and served for almost nine years, I seethat she has a heart of gold, she is charismatic in the way that sheis friendly, kind and loving to everyone she meets. She is humble,self-confident and warm and I believe these are important personalitytraits in her expert field of leadership. On top of this she has thepassion to reach out to the less fortunate, so much so it iscontagious, many people who she knows are influenced by her to becomevolunteers of CHCSA, myself is one good example.There was once, she gave a talk about becoming a more winsome person.The contents are original, using her experiences in life and work. Andit is also inspiring to me in the sense that tells me I can do muchmore for my society and impact people by learning to become a winsomeperson. One of the points that I remembered is that it isimportant to smile, as it attracts people to you. And she iswalking the talk; I do find her a winsome person.Task Two: InterviewBasically I came up with 5 simple questions for Darryl’sleadership role in CHCSA:Personally I feel that an effective leader is someone who can lead ateam to performing targeted results. Thus the first question that Iasked...

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