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A leader is one who is in authority that tell others what to do, or so I thought till the commencement of leadership 1. As I progressed through the course, I realised that there is more to being a leader than I ever imagined. Peter Drucker once said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” (Drucker, n.d.) This is a statement that I would have never understood but from this course I do. Using the knowledge acquired so far from this course in topics such as pragmatic leadership, pleasing the masses and more, I believe none could have said it better than Peter Drucker did and I will prove this rationalization.
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They should have an all-round knowledge as it likely to help them in decision making. Without the ability to implement their decisions however, the leader is quite inefficient so a good leader should have the ability to execute their decisions. That is the area where management with its organisational and coordinative traits steps in.
Pragmatism has to with a hands-on approach. Pragmatic leaders are able to choose the most effective path or solution to a perplexing issue (Blackie). Lee Kuan Yew, a perfect example of a pragmatic leader, chose to beautify his country and used the hands-on approach. He did this at a time when money was in short supply and it seemed like nothing good could come out of the country. Aside from that, other obstacles in his way such as the climate of the country did not stop him from achieving his vision for the country. Lee did not only make Singapore a garden city but he also made plans for it to be maintained as such. In this situation, Lee is not just a leader but also a manger as he did not just do the right thing but he also did things right.
In the movie the Great Debaters, Mr Tolson was against the ‘white is right’ notion. He was a communist and he sometimes proved this point using violence. When he was granted bail, he was not supposed to live the state he was in but he did this to see his team win. Also he usually wrote the arguments for his team which was wrong but was geared towards leading his team to victory. In this situation, and more he proved to be more of a manager than a leader as he always did things right but seldom did the right things (Washington, 2007).
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