Differences Between Male And Female Orientated Magazine Articles

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Investigating the Difference Between Male and Female Orientated Magazine Articles

For my investigation I decided to take stories sent in by readers to
the magazines FHM and Cosmopolitan. FHM is aimed at men aged around 16
to 30, while Cosmopolitan is aimed at women of the same age. I thought
it would be interesting to look at the differences between the two
formats because I read FHM quite a lot, and some female friends of
mine read Cosmopolitan, and I have often wondered what and how many
differences and indeed similarities there are between the two

I was also interested in the different ways similar topics were
portrayed for the two different sexes. It helps me understand some of
the language and gender issues I dealt with last year in English
Language, and that is why I chose a stories page, it tells me more
about the people who actually read the magazines than the people who
write them.

The stories I hoped would reflect the people who wrote them, and
therefore the people who bought and read the magazines. It is also
interesting for me because I want to become a magazine journalist when
I leave university. Doing this investigation allows me to take a more
in-depth look at what kind of people enjoy these kinds of magazines,
and also it gives me a chance to look at the way these types of
articles are presented in magazines, looking at things such as layout.

I aim to find differences between the subject matter of the letters,
the lexis used by the writers, the differences in grammar, the layout
of the letters pages in the magazines and the general tenor of the
stories. I also aim to reach a conclusion as to what kind of people
read the different magazines.

I expect to find variances in the tenor of the articles, with the male
orientated ones out of FHM maybe being more humorous than the female
orientated ones from Cosmopolitan. I also think that the female ones
are likely to be themed around love and relationships, areas with
which women have classically been known to talk about more, whereas
the male ones may be more anecdotal and less serious. From my obvious
experience of being a man myself and reading FHM I know that the
stories are often about something stupid that has happened to the
author of the story, so I expect to find this reflected in the stories
that I choose as well.

Seeing as these are real stories, I have learned from my English
Language lessons on language and gender that the men are more likely
to be boasting about something and competing with each other, and they
might reflect this in the stories, trying to write the funniest or
stupidest letter. However, seeing as women prefer to talk about
personal relationships and similar subjects the stories will probably
reflect this, as the women seek to share their experiences with others

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