Differences Of The Elementary Education Between China And America

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I. IntroductionA.Different emphases of Chinese and American elementary educationSchool, as the second class in a child's growth, plays an important role in one's life. However, according to the differences lying in the different situation, different countries have different education systems. Chinese and American education systems attract more and more attention due to their geographic, political and economic significance in the world. What is more interesting, as two of the biggest countries in the world, the similarities of their ways of education can be counted on one's fingers and we can relatively easily find their distinction especially on the elementary education ground.Everything is two-sided. Both Chinese education and American education have their advantages and disadvantages. Here, I'd like to view on some of them, not exclusive, to explore the helpful elements which can give us some of the advice. As a result of the concepts of the two peoples towards the definition of talent student are dissimilar, the elementary education differs a lot from each other. Although almost every parent as well as every government regards their children as the hope of the future, the success of every individual in their mind is varied. Old Chinese has a saying that the most pleasant moment in one's life is nothing better than to be selected as the Number One Scholar and the moment of wedding night. Thus it can be seen that to be well-known or to be a high-ranking official is one's best way to fulfill one's value. This attitude has been deeply affecting Chinese people in their field of their cultivating their offspring. This can explain why many parents and teachers take entering college as their children or students' only way out for their survival. Different from Chinese, American seems to be more practical. As a nation with a short history and an immigrant country, Americans are famous for their American dream. "And the influence on the education shows that the impact of the nation's rapid racial and ethnic transformation on the pursuit of all of these goals, and they propose ways to make public education work better to help all children succeed and become the citizens the America need." (Hochschild and Scovronick) They lay more emphasis on the child's spirit of creativity. The American children are taught to realize the values of working. They learn to manage money matters, earn their livings from the very young age. It is not uncommon that sons and daughters of presidents and ministers wash dishes in fast-food restaurants. If one relies on his parents too much, he won't take it for granted, on the contrary, he will be teased by others.B. Different views of scholarsWhich teaching mechanism is better? Obviously, this question cannot be simply answered. Maybe some ideas of the great educators' will help. Many scholars hold different views on education. For example, the American psychologist, Robert Sternberg mentioned the latest view on education, that...

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