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Distinguish Between Thinking And Knowledge Essay

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In the real world, each of us is considered different because people have different opportunities, different purposes, and different way of thinking. And of course, people cannot have the same thinking as another. As individuals, we base our thinking on what we know or our knowledge. Our knowledge is another aspect of thought, which we have chosen to accept. Individual thinking is an important quality that every person performs. I think that every single person is unique and that no two people are the same. Therefore, no two people can ever think the same exact thoughts or feel the same exact feelings. Every person will have his or her owns personal ideas about a particular object or subject. That is one reason there are so many different perceptions for any one object. Therefore, no two people will can the exact same thoughts or feeling on the same objectIn my life, I have to think a lot to deal with reality. I have to control my own destiny. It is very important to me to realize that I control my life with my mind. I can only do what I think I can do and only become what I think I can become! This is why I must keep a positive thought in my mind if I want positive things to happen in my life. I must use my body of knowledge to think and make appropriate choices.It is very hard to define exactly what thinking is. Again, people have different opinions. In my opinion, the basic sources of knowledge come from observation, experience, and research. These facts are considered in processes of thinking, and we then have understanding and intelligence. Knowledge understands facts, but thinking is being able to use these facts in a meaningful way. Knowledge gives me the facts of the problem, but to solve the problems, I need to analyze the problem critically in order to be successful.Carl Sagan in "Can we know the universe" believes that our knowledge is limited by our perceptions since experience cannot give us full knowledge of particular subject. "Our perceptions may be distorted by training and prejudice or merely because of the limitations of our sense organs, which of course, perceive directly but a small fraction of the phenomena of the world."(P.132). Even so, we must use the "body of knowledge"(P.132) that we have to try our best to process that information so we may find a "Possible way to understands the world" (P.134). Sagan understands the limitations of knowledge but thinking is a process without any limitations.A person who is a good thinker has intelligence because he or she can analyze and process information well. The more intelligent person is in control of others of human who are less intelligent. If I am less intelligent than you, then you are smarter then me. You will probably be the leader and I will most likely be the follower. If I think smart while you think dumb, I will be more successful than you. If you do not read to acquire knowledge, you may end up poor. Knowledge is considered a reflection of power in mankind's life....

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