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The Distinguished Scholar Program is a strict and difficult program. It encourages students to challenge themselves and reach their full potential. Altering a few rules and parts, such as lowering the required grade point average (GPA) and dropping some of the more rigorous classes, such as Honors Chemistry can truly make it a beneficial and successful program in the regular educational system. Not to mention the great improvement in students test scores and overall take on education. Distinguished Scholars is a curriculum unique to Wilson Classical High School in the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD). It is a combination of advanced placement (A.P.) classes, honors courses and students must take eight classes instead of the five through seven classes required by other schools. Many students in this program deal with an extra struggle and pressure that came with the program. While other teenagers are getting out at 1:10 and having fun after school these students wait until 2:50 or some even until 4:00 during internships. This program would be very beneficial if given with a few adjustments in order to be given to the regular educational system.
To commence, The Distinguished Scholar Program (DSO) was established to successfully foment talented and bright students. Subsequently these students meet most college and university requirements. For example, The DSP as well as the Honors Program requires a minimum of 280 credits. These are two of the only program in the Long Beach Unified School district (LBUSD) that require that much more credits. Other high schools only require 220 credits for graduation students must engage in three college level courses and honors course in science, English, and social studies. The purpose of such a vigorous course is to mold advantageous, creative, driven, and eloquent students. They also learn to exercise their critical thinking skills. The program results in a class of pupils ready and eager for the future.
Moreover, individual classes are quite different from those I a regular curriculum. These classes are at the same level as taught in at the college level. For example, the material that one would go over in Honors Biology would be the same as if one were to take a biology class in college or at a university. The reading and the vocabulary are also at a college level for each honors class taken.
The aesthetics of each individual classroom are unique. When you first walk in you immediately hear the difference. A beautiful sound of graphite hitting the paper at a continuous pace is heard and nothing else. Silence is highly enforced to keep minds at ease and avoids altercations among students. Then as you look among the walls one would see each individual’s hard work put into the projects of them month. For example an elaborate poster filled with information and relevant images of the Great Dust Bowl in the Honors Modern History classroom. The purpose of displaying the students work is to...

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