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Identifying Potential Risk, Response, And Recovery

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With identifying potential malicious attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities, measures need to be taken to deal with the malicious activities. A strategy is needed to deal with each of the risk of the malicious attacks and threats in the previous memo. Also controls will need to be setup to help mitigate those risks of the attacks. A strategy and controls need to also be setup to mitigate each of the vulnerabilities from the previous memo to help protect the computers and network for the business.
There are different strategies that can be used for dealing with the risk of a malicious attacks and threats. The strategy used will depend on the type of attack and threat, the strategies are risk mitigation, risk assignment, risk acceptance, and risk avoidance. Risk mitigation uses controls to reduce the risk, the controls could be administrative, technical, or physical. “The wide variety of security threats demonstrates that traditional methods of protection, such as firewalls and anti-virus software, are not enough to shield companies from these new, complex and highly sophisticated threats. What is needed is a multi-layered approach to security that ranges from perimeter security to end-point systems through to the implementation of a security policy. This will ensure protection from unknown malware threats,” (King, 2005). Risk assignment allows the business to transfer the risk to another business, for example storing backup tapes off site by using another business. Risk acceptance is the business accepting the risk, but the damages from the risk is low and could cost the business more to reduce the risk than dealing with the loss. Risk avoidance is to avoid the risk by discontinuing using a software or hardware that causes the risk. There are also four controls that can be used to mitigate each risk which are administrative, preventative, detective, and corrective. Administrative controls are to ensure people understand and follow the policies and procedures. Preventative controls try to stop threats from trying to use a vulnerability to gain access to the network or computers. Detective controls identity a threat that has hit the network and computers and corrective controls reduces the effects of a threat on the system.
The most common malicious attack and threat are from viruses and other malware. There are different types of viruses to protect a network and computers from and viruses can get into the network in different ways, mostly by email and websites on the internet. The best strategy for dealing with the risk for viruses and other malware would be risk mitigation. Viruses and other malware cannot be avoided or transferred to another business since our computers and network is here in the business for people to utilize. Viruses are also not an acceptable risk, the damages from viruses will outweigh the money spent to protect the network and computers. For these reasons, the strategies of risk assignment, risk acceptance, and risk...

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