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Have you ever been on a cell phone while driving or seen someone on his or her cell phone while driving? This is distracted driving at its finest. Whether you are looking at a text, changing radio stations, applying makeup, or anything else that takes your mind or eyes off the road is distracted driving. Distracted driving killed around 3,000 people in 2011 (Bauers). Car crashes are the leading cause of teenagers in the United States. If you don’t think you are distracted behind the wheel think again, many people think they aren’t distracted till something bad happens to them, like a crash, driving into a ditch, or running a red light and get a ticket for it. Distracted driving is a major problem and most people don’t know their distracted or what is a distraction to him or her.
There are many different distractions that can occur in the car while driving. All of the distractions are put into three classes of distractions; they are visual, manual, and cognitive. “Visual distractions cause you to take your eyes off the road, manual distractions cause you to take your hands off the wheel and cognitive distractions, such as listening to a talk radio show, cause you to take your mind off what you are doing” (Johnson). That means that texting, applying make-up, checking e-mail, and many other things apply to all three of these classes of distractions. Some distractions like listening to music, talking with other passengers, or talking on the phone fall under one or two of the classes. It doesn’t matter what type of class the distraction falls under people should not do things that cause them to be distracted. They should learn to put the phone down, turn down the music down, or put away what ever else distracts them to stay focused on the road and where they are driving.
Driving while distracted causes up to 30% of crashes and can lead to reckless driving (Lee 184). Car crashes are the number one cause of teen deaths. 16% of all fatalities in car crashes are due to distractions in or out of the car are from the under twenty-age group (Distracted). Teens and young adults are more likely to be distracted and get into a wreck or drive recklessly. Reckless driving is also distracted driving because people are not paying attention to the road in front of them. No matter what the distraction is people should learn to put it down or not do it for the safety of themselves, other passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. According to John D. Lee “Phone use ten minutes before a crash increased the risk of having a crash by the fourfold” (312 & 313). Therefore while people are texting or surfing the Internet on their phone you are more likely to have a crash. Why take the risk of getting into an accident when people can put down their phones for the few minutes that they are driving. Putting down the phone and focusing on driving will in turn save lives.
The most common distraction in a car is the cell phone. Whether it is texting, surfing the...

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