Troubled Government In Yemen: Human Rights Violations

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One day you wake up and the government violates your human rights or just completely take all rights you ever had away. Human rights violations is something that all the people in this world need to notice and care about. If no one cares about their own rights as a person and are willing to fight for their rights, then they should not get mad at others who do not care about the rights and help fight for the people in Yemen’s rights. Human rights violations are rights that have been violated by people or the government. In the United States we do not have to worry about much of these human rights violations. For other countries they are not as lucky. In poor countries they have a lot to worry about. Yemen is a country on the other side of the globe by Saudi Arabia. In 1990 the Yemen republic was established and has a population of 19.8 million (“State Department Issues Background…”). For the size of their country they have a large population to please. Yemen also has a population split up by many different religion but one main language. “Religions are Islam, small numbers of Jews, Christians, and Hindus, the language is Arabic” (“State Department Issues Background…”). It is also surprising that they have not had any conflict dealing with the different religions. Many countries struggle with conflict of different religions because one thinks they are the one and only religion. Even though I believe that there is only one true religion I would not cause problems and say something bad on another group’s religion like what happens in many countries leading to mass arguments. Many of the human rights violations were results of a massacre. The massacre was Friday of Dignity massacre, which was “impunity for serious violations of human rights by state security forces was a persistent problem” (“Yemen: Political Interference…”). Many countries start having conflicts after a major crisis or war that happens. We should care about Yemen because lack of woman’s rights, poor living conditions, and how the government treats their people badly.
Yemen has an issue with the lack of woman’s rights. Now a days women are treated equally, but not in this case. Yemen is a poor country who count on their women to still be the house maker while the men try to find any kind of work they can. Women should be treated equally. If you have both men and women in the work force it can greatly help out the economy. Changing the economy from being a poor country to being a wealthier country. Many women would fight for their right of equality. Also in Yemen they need to work on treating the women right. “Yemenis are almost entirely sedentary and live in small villages and towns scattered throughout the highlands and coastal regions” (“State Department Issues Background…”). With the towns being spread apart and that they are living in a poor country it is hard for some of them to communicate or warn others in the country. Also government contact can be delayed from important news...

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