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Distributed Denial Of Service Attack – Detection And Defense

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Internet technology has extended to greater degree than it is believed to be. It has become an inevitable part of our lives and we rely totally on the internet for our daily necessities. Internet is a highly unbounded vast network of networks. As Internet keeps growing, there are new threats evolving thus increasing the need to develop and tighten security measures to ensure the protection of it. There are many challenges faced by Internet, Distributed denial of Service is the critical concern for Internet, particularly to internet commerce. Distributed Denial of Service attacks can cause infrastructure problems and can disrupt communications on international level. Access denial to ...view middle of the document...

In Traffic Anomaly detection, If ICMP or UDP attack is carried out it can be easily found based on analyzing the traffic rate. In Behavior anomaly detection, the behavior between the server and client is analyzed and a model is generated if the behavior varies with pre-generated model then it is considered as an attack on the system. In pattern matching detection, the attack is detected by packet analysis methods. These detection mechanisms are deployed at victim’s side of the attack. If these three detection mechanism are integrated and deployed at victim’s side, then DDioS can be detected. Once if we are able to detect the DDioS attacks, then it will be little easy to find a way to defend or mitigate the DDioS attack which prevents the system to crash and this will lead to uninterrupted service to the users.
One of the novel approaches to mitigate simple DioS is CAPTCHA Authentication. In this approach, whenever a person requests a particular web service for more number of times than the specified limit set by service provider, it automatically asks the client to solve the CAPTCHA. This requires human intervention in which client has to solve the CAPTCHA successfully to proceed with the web service. As soon as the CAPTCHA is solved, the IP address is whitelisted for certain amount of traffic or time. Whenever the time is expired or traffic limit is violated, the CAPTCHA authentication is provided to client to solve again. Nowadays there are automated ways to solve CAPTCHA authentication, so it doesn’t work out much but there are ongoing research on this topic.
Let’s discuss one of the DDioS detection techniques here. This technique is achieved by monitoring Source IP Address which is called as SIM (Source IP Address Monitoring Technique). This detection mechanism uses huge number of new IP addresses in the attack traffic to the victim and has an advantage of detecting at early stages of the attack. SIM has two parts called offline training and detection & learning. In the first part called Offline training, where learning engine or algorithm adds legitimate IP address into the IP Address Database (ID) and then it keeps updating the database by adding new legitimate IP address and deleting expired IP address. This is purposely done in offline mode to make sure traffic data is used for training and it does not prone to bandwidth attacks. For example to find the legitimate IP address, a TCP connection with less 3 packets is considered an abnormal IP flow and this simple rule can be used to decide whether the packets are from the legitimate sources.
In the second part, it deals with detection and learning. During this part, statistics of incoming traffic for certain time interval is noted. In the detection engine, a hash table is maintained and used to record all the IP address that encountered during that time interval. Hash table entry consist of mainly two fields that are IP address and the timestamp of recent packet of that IP address....

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