Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks Essay

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Within the last decade, the internet has proven to be the most efficient way to complete tasks in today’s society. Every major business in today’s society relies on the internet to conduct business. Though the internet is a useful tool, our reliability on it opens up the door for cyber-attacks that can be detrimental to business as a whole. One example of a cyber-attacks that have recently started becoming more prevalent are DDoS attacks. Recently, DDoS attacks have been a rising issue for businesses owners who run their own servers, such as video game companies and other high profile web servers, including banks and other credit card payment gateways.

A DDoS attack, distributed denial of service attack, is when one or more individuals
attempt to force a network offline and unavailable to its intended users. This process is typically performed by flooding a network with communication requests until the server cannot respond to the traffic, thus making the server go offline and become available. This process is relatively simple to perform to the average person through online programs. Since it is so easy perform, it has become a rising issue simply because anyone has the ability to hack into various servers. One example in recent news of DDoS attacks comes from Riot Games, developer of the popular online multiplayer video game League of Legends. After a month of inconsistency with their server stability and frequent shut downs, Riot Games reported that within the last six months, over half of all DDoS attacks occurred within the last two months, indicating that this issue is starting to see a rapid increase.

The idea that any random person has the ability to completely shut down any business’s internet servers may seem scary. However, there are several steps one can take to protect himself from a DDoS attack. One way of protecting yourself against DDoS attacks is by purchasing a

service from a main stream company. AT&T, a company that deals with advance IP based
business communications, offers a service for small to medium sized businesses which helps
protect against malicious attacks. It is a subscription based service that...

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