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Distribution Effect In Strategic Management The Product Is Condom

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT(DISTRIBUTION EFFECTS IN CONDOM MARKET)Introduction of ProductThe main reason for using a condom is to prevent unexpected pregnancy this is followed by the wish to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.We can describe condom as a contraceptive or an essential tool that is used for AIDS/HIV prevention. Condom is a sensitive subject to talk about like other sex related topics for our society. Therefore, our product is not an ordinary item. From it's advertisement to it's packaging it must be carefully handled.To avoid AIDS, sexually active people who are not mutually monogamous must know about AIDS, know about condoms, know that condoms prevent AIDS, know how to get condoms, and know how to use them correctly.In most countries almost everybody has heard of AIDS. Knowledge of condoms is also widespread. Yet many people who know about AIDS and about condoms do not know that using condoms can prevent AIDS. This lack of knowledge can be deadly.Our successful brand OKEY was owner of the half of condom market in 2001. What is the effect of distribution on this market success? We will try to analyze this.Eczacibasi Holding"Okey" entered to condom market in 1991 by Eczacibasi Holding. Eczacıbaşı is a prominent Turkish industrial group with a combined net turnover exceeding $1.4 billion, 37 companies and almost 7,200 employees in 2002. Eczacıbaşı's core sectors are pharmaceuticals, building materials and consumer products. The Group is also active in finance, information technology and welding technology.In Turkey, Eczacıbaşı is the leader in seven of its 13 industries, including pharmaceuticals, ceramic sanitary ware, tissue paper and personal care products. It also has the most extensive distribution coverage, reaching over 90 percent of the nation's sales points.International partnership is a central component of the Eczacıbaşı Group's growth strategy. Eczacıbaşı has nine joint ventures and close to 30 cooperation agreements with leading international companies. All of these are grounded on the principle of long-term mutual benefit, based on firm business criteria and ethical business practices.Founded in 1942 by Dr. Nejat F Eczacıbaşı, the Eczacıbaşı Group takes its name from the honorary title "chief pharmacist", conferred on the father of Dr. Eczacıbaşı at the turn of the last century. The Eczacıbaşı Group's mission is to be a pioneer of modern, high quality and healthy lifestyles. Accordingly, the Group encourages each of its companies to surpass established standards in their sectors and raise consumer benchmarks of product and service quality. Through sponsorship and responsible corporate practices, it also promotes social and economic development that nurtures cultural and scientific activity, protects the environment and preserves scarce natural resources.Eczacıbaşı Holding is...

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