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Distribution Of Civilization: Music In The East

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Distribution of Civilization:
Music in the East
Before the intrusion of western society in recent years, Chinese culture has been conservatively sustained through traditionalism and consistent refusal of outside interference. As a result of such conventionality, hip-hop style music had never been a part of Chinese sociological repertoire in the past; therefore, the introduction of new aged and progressive material, as briefly described in Sociology (2010), is a classic example of cultural diffusion by the very nature of the term’s definition and spirit. While it would appear that the integration of another culture’s art form would be a catalyst to change, the complete opposite is true; for the power of such a medium can be felt by people of all ages, groups and beliefs. Specifically stated, titles, lyrics and the messages or feelings they send, often will alter the audience’s perceptions of themselves and the attitudes they carry about the world around them.
Since the musical styles of Chinese society have been customarily reserved by default, it is likely that broad-minded citizens are outnumbered by mainstream believers, which in turn, has caused the formation of an underworld social order of its own. Plausible motives for the development of this counterculture may simply be the arguments of desire and peer pressure, especially in regards to young people; for according to The Times (2010), “brain scans have shown that teenagers’ music choices have less to do with… what they are hearing than with the horror of failing to conform with their peers. [These findings suggest that] a teenager’s musical preference is big business” (para. 1, 7); as a result of these forces, they are willing to stray from their usual attitudes and customs to fulfill their need for social acceptance. Also, it is highly probable that, at least to some degree, children merely want to have fun with something new.
Despite the restrictive nature of earlier days, today’s China has begun to successfully share with other areas of the world by offering access to news and radio broadcasts, electronics and cinema projects. Evidence of this can be found on American movie and television screens, which show the work of famous Chinese action stars, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie...

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