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Distribution Of Condoms In Schools Essay

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The topic of distributing condoms in high schools had caused a great deal of

debate over the last decade. Those that favor condom distribution say that distributing

them will ensure teenagers practice safe sex, and the rate of teenage pregnancy will

decline dramatically. Those that are against distributing condoms, say that giving them

out will encourage early sexual activity and promote the idea that premarital sex is okay.

What about letting parents help kids make decisions about their futures? After all that is

how parents have been doing things for ages and ages right? There are parents who have

actually gone to the Federal Court System, and stated that distribution of condoms and

sex education without consent from parents first is a violation of First and Fourteenth

Amendment rights. The only group that has not been fully involved in this opinion is the

teenagers themselves. Most teenagers state that even if they are not sexually active,

refraining from sexual activity is very difficult. Abstinence is especially difficult in a

society that seems to promote premarital sex, as long as it is “safe” sex. The support that

used to come from authority figures like parents and a school officials is collapsing,

because of distribution programs. There are still teenagers out there who wish not to

have sex prematurely, and parents as well as authority figures need not to forget that. It

is a given that teenagers need to be informed about safe sex as well as the risk of sexually

transmitted diseases. After all there are countless teenagers out there who have already

made the decision to become active sexually. The latest statistics states that most teenage

boys have their first sexual intercourse experience at age 15 and girls age 16 (Smith).

John Leo a columnist for US New & World Report finds concealed solutions to

preventing the problems caused by teenaged sex. It is only a concealed solution because

it comes straight from the teenagers themselves, which requires communication. His

article discusses opinions of young woman about intercourse, motherhood, and self-

esteem. The title of this article is “Learning to Say No”, and informs the reader right

from the start about the struggles of teenagers to say no to sexual intercourse. He goes on

to explain that the answer to this national problem is not to give out condoms at the

school nurses station but to teach teenage girls how to refuse sex. Leo states...

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