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"Hey, have you seen my polka dotted elephant by any chance?" Zoey stared at the tall, blue eyed boy with the darkest glare she could muster. She could not believe he had just asked her that. So far her first day at the psychiatric ward has not gone smooth; she was stripped of all her electronics and anything relatively close to "sharp" or "destructive" so that means no pencils for her to write anything with since her laptop was confiscated. Then she was pushed into a "healing" group therapy session where she basically was judged in front of people with more mental issues than she had! She also has to attend another session later in the day, against her will of course. Now, she has to deal ...view middle of the document...

She expected it to be filled with nonsense and lunatics that were chased around by giant male nurses with nets.


"Don't worry about it, it's understandable. I haven't seen you around here so I'm guessing your new, first days are always the worst here. But don't worry it does get better, and by better I mean tolerable." He chuckled and continued, "I mean it's honestly not as bad here are you originally think. In my two years I've had some fun, when I'm not feeling like I took a acid trip that is. I'm Zachary Williams, but you can call me Zach." The blue eyed boy - Zach - said, his voice was very calm and gentle. She felt oddly tranquil being around him, as thought his gentle personality had cleansed her of her anger.

"I'm Zoey Hale, and as you pointed out I am new here. I just got back from the "healing" group therapy session and already I'm very unimpressed by this psych ward, they treat me like I'm less than a person." Zach smiled crookedly and gave her a pointed look.

"You feel like less than a person? Don't forget just a few minutes ago you yelled at me because I was trying to locate my sister's stuffed elephant." Zoey's face flushed bright pink with embarrassment.

"As I tried to say when you oh-so-rudely interrupted me, I'm really sorry about that Zach. I'm just very... irritable I guess." She felt ashamed to admit her bipolar disorder, mainly due to the incident that happened before her mother decided to send her to the psychiatric hospital.

"It's fine Kim, don't worry I'm not going to hold it against you. So, I've already explained my "issue", what's yours?" He asked curiously, the same crooked smile gracing his lips.

"Uh, Bipolar Manic Depression." She mumbled shamefully, she felt like she has suffered enough judgment from the other patients during "therapy", she hoped the only person who seemed sane enough to talk to her would not be turned off by her disorder. His smile fell and a frown appeared, he looked more concerned than upset.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I had a friend with that," he said simply. Zoey's heart dropped, she could guess what happened to his friend. She was terrified it would happen to her either by purposeful suicide or accident.

"Yeah..." Zoey trailed off, her voice barely audible. Zach sensed the thick tension in the room and decided to chance the subject.

"So, where are you headed now?" He asked looking around the narrow white brick hallway they stood in.

"My room, I need to unpack my belongings and get "settled" before my second "healing" group therapy session tonight. Sigh, I really don't want to go. Last time I could just feel their judging stares." Zoey sighed lightly and pouted childishly, she looked up at Zach and jutted her bottom lip out. "Is there anyway I could skip therapy? Like could I just fake being sick or something? Or pretend like I'm okay and go home?" Zach gave her a look of pity.

"I know how you feel Kim, but no if you're caught skipping you will get punished. Punishments...

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