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Diver Lecture Interview Essay

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Dr. D.L. Divers (2010), Director of the Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute, lectured on the service period for the ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) procedure. During his study, he adopted Lean processes, which provided new improved outcomes for the life-saving procedure. Developed Lean strategies decrease the time for patients who arrived at the medical facility suffering from this grave illness. Set core measurements stressed the importance of meeting the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association guidelines that stated the procedure should not exceed 90 minutes from the time of arrival (Gross et. al, 2007). The study examined data provided on ...view middle of the document...

shine, 4. Standardize, and 5. sustain, a workplace transformation is occurring through the action of each step (Hummer & Daccarett, 2009). This approach requires the buy-in and participation of every stakeholder within the organization. Once internal expectations are meet, it is then time to address customer care and the process for achieving proven care. Creating and implementing value stream mapping by dissecting steps and eliminating waste, quality can shine through (Paulus, Davis & Steele, 2008). Understanding the organizations method process provides a segway into data as a driving force when seeking results.
Diver's research gathered data from various facilities to compare factors and eliminate myths and perceptions associated with the process and variation in care. It may even encompass creating a better process for an already good one, which may be the reality for a high performing organization (Paulus, Davis, & Steele, 2008). By achieving the desired outcome, constant process improvement should become a part of the culture in high quality organizations. Some may say it is a huge investment for a system that maybe seen as effective and servicing its purpose (Ng, Vail, Thomas, & Schmidt, 2010). Paulus, Davis, & Steele (2008) describe the value in sharing with information with the customer, which strengthens relationships and loyalty. To maximize the potential of each of these factors, it is important to collaborate when defining processes into the overall plan.
Lastly, Diver's team highlight the need for collaboration because of the unbridle potential it may tap into, with a fresh set of eyes or thoughts (2010). Exposing how difficult it seeing potential solutions beyond the organizations status and exceed national standard. Senior leadership support and encourage collaboration when using Lean principles to brainstorm and maximize results (Meyer, 2010). These partnerships support buy-in to change,...

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