Divergent A Story That Takes Place In The Future

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The story Divergent takes place in a future version of Chicago. In this futuristic city there are five distinct factions. Each faction has a different characteristic by which they follow. They all have a different opinion on which is best, but, the Dauntless believe bravery is the best, the Erudite think knowledge is the key to success, Abnegation is a bit out there and believes being pro-self-sacrifice is the way to go, the Amity loves friendship, and the Candor are the realists of this crazy place. The main character of this story is Beatrice Prior, she grew up in an abnegation family, but when she turned 16 she decided to join the Dauntless. She made this choice, because, she thought they were “cool” they have tattoos, piercings, and leather jackets. Beatrice also didn’t really fit in with the Abnegation, she was Divergent.
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She starts to hang out with a different crowd of people. She makes new friends and new enemies. Tris has to compete and make new friends all while hiding the fact that she is really Divergent.
Later in the story Tris finds out that the Erudite want to overthrow the Abnegation faction. They will do this by taking over the government and then mind-controlling the Dauntless army. “There is power in controlling something that can do so much damage—in controlling something, period. Maybe I do belong here.” (Roth 22) The government controls the majority of what goes on. There are many things that people don’t have any power over. Tris doesn’t get brainwashed by the Erudite overtaking the government though, this is because she is Divergent. Because of this she destroys the villain’s plan, and saves everyone. Her mom and dad die while trying to help her.
One of the major themes in Divergent is the theme of identity. Throughout the book Tris is trying to figure out who she is, she does this while trying to save her faction. “I am proud. It will get me into trouble someday, but today it makes me brave. I walk toward the ledge and hear snickers behind me.” (Roth 66) Her identity isn’t just about her, it’s about who she talks to and who she is friends with. There are all different types of identity in Divergent, but Tris is never certain who she is supposed to be. She has to figure out where and who she fits in with. Which is always tough to do, but especially for Tris, because, she is the Divergent. She is always trying to figure out where she is happiest, but she never can. No matter how hard she tries she will never fit in.
Divergent is a book more meant for girls, but it can be read by all audiences. It reminds me of The Hunger Games series in the way that there are factions, and that you have to fight to survive and fit in. This book was terrific, I loved every part of it, it was action packed with a lot of drama and conflict. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, male, female, young, and old. Everyone should read this book and I believe most will like it.

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