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When someone reads Divergent they become enraptured in a world of morality, family, loss, love, war, but above all a journey of self discovery. Our whole class was enthralled by the exhilarating journey that Tris went through and were eagerly awaiting the chance to see Divergent come to life on the big screen. Our expectations for this movie were fairly high, but unfortunately our expectations were thrown into the chasm just like Al.
The first problem with the movie adaptation was the setting. At first it was excellent; the city was pin point accurate and the Abnegation sector was exactly how I pictured it. All of my happiness was lost however, when we entered Dauntless Headquarters. ...view middle of the document...

Finally I would like to mention all of the lost scenes that were cut from the movie and all of the extra’s added in their place. So the aptitude test ran a bit differently in the book than the movie adaptation. The simulations in the aptitude test are meant to clarify what Faction you are meant to be in. Beatrice went through three simulations; first the dog, then the little girl, finally the man on the bus. After the first two simulations Beatrice’s results were inconclusive she had the traits of an Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. So to clarify Beatrice’s results Tori adds in another simulation; this time it was a man on a bus asking if she knew the murderer on the front page of the newspaper. By agreeing that she did know the man she would show signs of Candor, though Beatrice did not so the man pushed her more. He pleaded that if she knew the murderer it would help the man, to say that she did know the murderer would show signs of Abnegation, however she lied and said she didn’t know him so therefore she became Divergent. This did not happen like this...

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