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Divergent is a story of dynamic relationships changing drastically as the main character Tris develops as a person. From the first page to the last, Tris’s relationships with the people around her including her family, Al, Christina, and Four dramatically transform as the story progresses. Tris is highly dependent on her family for nurturing and care. However, nearing the end Tris finds her own personality and no longer relies on her parents.

Tris and her family are an inseparable force when the story opens. Until the choosing ceremony, Tris cannot imagine leaving her family and moving on. Though Tris feels she isn't completely an Abnegation citizen, shown by her lack of selfless, she is ...view middle of the document...

For Tris, the expectation that her parents would show up was minimal. She knew her parents were distraught by her choice to join the Dauntless, but on her visiting day, she finds out who her mother really is. Her suspicions are turned into reality, “My mother was Dauntless.” (Divergent, 188), Tris realizes.

Tris and Albert, the boy living in the bunk above her are not the most likely to be friends, but for a short period of time. The relationship between Tris and Al is filled with secrets. Al, secretly in love with Tris, and Tris, secretly knows how emotionally weak Al is after hearing him cry into the pillow above her countless times. The relationship between Al and Tris becomes one sided. For the reason that Al is in love with the naive Tris and furthermore is enraged that she's not that same helpless girl he once knew. As a result, Al joins forces with Peter to take her out. Luckily she is rescued by Four and unfortunately for Al, Tris was well aware who assisted Peter by the smell of his hands. After this incident, Al is exiled from the group of friends and later is found in the river located at the center of the Dauntless headquarters.

Christina and Tris are best friends, but also rivals from the day they meet. Starting with Christina pulling Tris onto the train after the choosing ceremony, and ending with Al’s incident. Christina acts as the big sister to Tris throughout the story, helping and protecting her. But not for long, as a rivalry kicks off when the two are on the same team playing paintball. Nearing the end of the game, Tris and Christina arrive at the flag at the same time. Feeling that she is not of importance, Christina is jealous of Tris’s popularity and takes the flag. As Tris learns who she really is, the friendship begins to crumble, as they no longer spend their time together...

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