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New York City, The city that never sleeps is the largest city in the word. It’s ethnically diverse population is made up of immigrants from all over the world. People come here in pursuit of better job, education and life. Today, New York is all that and more, thanks to the discovery of law, order and technology. Everything about New York is grand it is a fast developing society. Few years ago, New York was nothing like what it is today. It was a discovery in a process of development. During the development process the city had to tolerate diverse types of unstable situation that are unknown to many Americans.
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During those days they were the least paid works because many of them were unskilled workers who did not know how to speak English. They lived in the poorest of neighborhood in very bad conditions. Many Irish only lived till there thirties because of there working conditions and poor health and financial conditions. During that time they also face lots of discrimination. For example, they were considered black not white and were restricted from many places.
During the 1800s when the computers, iphone and the twenty-first century gagerts were not established newspapers were the very means of knowing what’s happening in the community. Newspaper business was booming during the 1800’s. People were reading two to three newspapers per day. Newspaper at that time published lots of crime stories because it gave them more sales. It covered topic such as robbery, rape, murder that took place in their community. Publishers published whatever they feel like to increase their sales. They were not concerned about the community and the kind of impact people might have after reading the news. Newspaper were also well know for advertisement in area such as job, services, products etc. During those time, they were no job websites like idealist, teen4hire etc that made...

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