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Diverse Recruitment In Organisations Essay

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The only thing we all have in common, is that we are different. GLobalisation has been sweeping the world since the early 1990s. The rise of technology has allowed us to connect with people all over the world. In leaps and bounds, technology has brought everyone on earth closer, creating a global village, where you can speak to someone through a computer, instantaneously, as if you were face to face with them. Populations have begun to diversify, as travel is easier and many people are branching our of their home nation. The effect of globalisation has no bounds, it has changed how we live, and it has definitely changed the way we operate in organisations. Toda y’s workplace has ...view middle of the document...

The cost of recruitment, and the value lost through voluntary turnover are some of the reasons why organisations wish to retain their diverse team members. Finally retaining these culturally diverse team members is paramount to the success of all the described programs in this essay that organizations can undertake. All of these reasons, techniques and practices lead to an organization improving themselves from the inside out, ultimately benefitting the organisation and its members.

P2 - Recruitment - Why

Recruiting the right people for an organisation is one of the methods of organisations improving themselves from the inside out.

People no longer remain insular in their lives, we travel, we are exposed to other cultures on a daily basis through technology and diversifying populations. Globalisation has opened up a global workforce for organisations to tap into and harness. However, this also acts as a doubled edged sword, as globalisation also opens up new sources of competition to the organisation. Organisations are no longer limited by geography, multinational teams in organisations have created a twenty-four hour work process.

One other outlook on this argument is defined by Barney and Wright (1998), in order for organisations to stay competitive, it must create value, remain hard to imitate and appear rare. (Barney and Wright 1998). Cultural diversity provides us with a team that can be difficult to imitate and rare. Human capital is an organisations most important and most expensive asset. Creating a higher calibre of that asset can work wonders for the organisation.
A team made up of woman, age-diverse and multi-ethnic members would be a dream team for organisations. It brings in many aspects and the amount of perspectives that this unit could create are endless. This value can not be imitated, proving that human capital is a business's most important asset, and that a diverse team can multiply this benefit, manifold.

To stay competitive in the current business climate, organisations have seen the need to diversify their workforce. Mazur (2010) claims that diversity has the potential of yielding greater productivity and competitive advantages. Diverse members of the organisation bring to the table different ways of communicating, different ways of conducting business, but more importantly, they bring about different ways of thinking, which is where the benefits of diversity lye.
Hopkins believes that along with these, they will bring many more job relevant factors to the organisation, such as values, languages, skills, attitudes, and communication styles. All of these factors are critical to an organisations success, these valuable skills bring fresh ideas and new points of views to organisations, boosting creativity, and ultimately the allow an organisation to avoid stagnation of ideas and work processes, which can cripple an organisation. In addition, a diverse team opens up the organisation to creativity, and it also...

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