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This assignment increased my understanding of diversity as I interviewed Amara Bello. Since America is known as a “melting pot of cultures,” this interview allowed me to get to know another person who attends the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, but who is from a different country. Through this assignment, I was pushed out of my comfort zone to meet and converse with someone who is not like me in some ways, but with whom I also share some commonalities. As I culminated my interview with Amara, I walked away knowing that there are many advantages in being a part of a diverse culture.

The first semester of my freshman year, I took a class called International Enrichment Seminar. This class introduced me to the lifestyles and customs of different countries. In this class, I met Amara Bello, who was also a freshman. A key difference between Amara and I was that I am a Jamaican and she is a Nigerian. I enjoy talking to people from different countries because I gain new insights into their culture and I get to compare my experiences in America with theirs, and so I chose to interview Amara.
Through the questions below I learned a lot about Amara Bello.
Question: What is your gender?
Answer: “I am a female.”
Question: How old are you?
Answer: “I am 19 years old.”
Question: Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Answer: “I was born in Abuja, Nigeria. My parents stayed there until I was 12 years old, then we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.”
Question: What is special about Abuja?
Answer: “Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. It has a central bank headquarters, a mosque, an airport, and other main attractions.”
Question: What is your race?
Answer: “I always love this question because I get to say that I am truly African-American.”
Question: What is your sexual orientation?
Answer: “I am heterosexual.”
Question: What is your religious affiliation?
Answer: “I am not really affiliated with any religion. I can understand the point of view of most
religions. I even understand the evolutionary point of view. With that been said, I have not taken a firm stance on a religion.”
Question: What is your political affiliation?
Answer: “I do not have a political side. I feel that no matter what politicians say they are all corrupt and the “little man” is not the first on their list. “
Question: How is Nigeria different from the U.S.?
Answer: economically- “America is looked at as the “greatest place on earth” with a robust economy while Nigeria has the second largest economy in Africa.”
politically- “I am not sure how it is different politically. I know that like the U.S we have a president and vice president.”
socially- “I think the major difference would be that people were nicer in Abuja but that was probably because I was a child when I met everyone.”
Question: What was it like growing up in Nigeria?
Answer: “I enjoyed growing up in Nigeria, because all I had to worry about was whether my friends could come out and play with me....

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