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Diversity Among Different Texts, 'good Bye, Columbus,' Written By Philip Roth, The Crying Of Lot 49, Written By Thomas Pynchon , Maus I, A Survivor's Tale, My Father Bleeds History, Written By Art Spe

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Diversity is an attribute that is seen among people, situations and cultures. Everyone has encountered different situations at one time or more during their lives that has either been pleasant or upsetting. Certain novels written in the 1950's to the present show signs of multiformity very clearly. In regards to culture, people are placed in unusual situations where their diversity is shown.Throughout the novella, 'Good-bye, Columbus,' written by Philip Roth, conflicts are seen as far as social status among families. This novella was not diverse in the written aspect, in fact I thought of it as easy reading. 'Sure, I should serve four different meals at once.... I should jump up and down twenty different times? What am I, a workhorse?' (Roth 4) The reactions in Brenda's house differ because they have a maid and Brenda's Mom doesn't have to pick up a finger. Neal and Brenda's families are obviously placed in different social brackets and this adds to the conflict that the relationship is not equal.From the readers point of view, the tie that Neil feels toward Brenda is one of physical attraction. 'She dove beautifully and a moment later she was swimming back to the side of the pool, her head of shortclipped auburn hair held up, straight ahead of her, as though it were a rose on a long stem.' (Roth 3) He sees her only as a beautiful woman and allows that to get in the way of actually realizing the true reasons for her actions. Brenda on the other hand is using him to be her 'slave.' This is seen with all her actions that show that she honestly does not care about his feelings, his wants or desires. ''We'll be right back,' Brenda said to me. 'You have to sit with Julie. Carlota's off.''(Roth 13) She finds Neil very accommodating in fulfilling her needs. Neil is constantly being thrown into predicaments for the first time, such as Brenda's country club, where Neil is viably not accustomed to being. 'My next question was prompted by a desire to sound interested and thereby regain civility; it didn't quite come out as I'd expected- I said it too loud.' (Pynchon 13)This couple has a strange relationship in how it functions throughout situations where other characters are constantly commenting on the social differences between two families. Even though the difficulties, ironically, the social differences are not the reason for their break-up at the end of the novella.The Crying of Lot 49, written by Thomas Pynchon has a similar theme running through it regarding the social aspect of diversity. The characters in the novel have unique names in that they have different meanings. For example on page 85 there is the introduction of the character named Koteks, which can be thought of as a feminine products. Oedipa has a conflict with how she approaches the situation she is placed in when she is informed that she is the executor of her ex-boyfriend Pierce's will. Her life follows a ver sequential set of events in the beginning. Then, after Oedipa attempts to...

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