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Diversity At Whirlpool Essay

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Chapter 9: Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees
Whirlpool’s Award-Winning Diversity Program is facilitated through Employee Network
Whirlpool is a well-known and respected company. It sells its products worldwide and has a large customer base with a variety of people each with different needs and desires. Even the countries they sell in have different cultures and styles. So how does a company like Whirlpool provide a product to fit all standards in every country?
To this, Whirlpool has taken the advantage of diversity and created programs that allows them to take what is special about each of their employees and combined them into making the company stronger and more fitting to their ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, as you can see the diversity networks can be a great source of support and knowledge. Each employee brings something to the company and with the use of the networks their skills can be used to make the company stronger and more aware of what their customers are looking for in their products. Still such a program also has it challenges that must be control.
What challenges do managers face in establishing a diverse workplace, and how might they respond to these challenges?
As we can see from our past people of different race, age, gender, and ethnicity have fought for their rights and place in society. So when a business plans to develop diversity networks they must be careful and observant for there can be several challenges that may arise. Such challenges included the following:
• Discrimination
• Stereotypes
• Harassment
• Exclusion
These challenges can limit a business if not treated properly and can lead to lawsuits. In society people are often treated differently because of who they are and this is no different when it comes to the workplace. For that reason, a business needs to set rules and provide training for the managers and the rest of the organization. Employees should be taught how to handle situations and how to treat others in the workplace. Therefore, with the right foundation a business can work smoothly and avoid these challenges allowing the business to use its diversity as an asset instead of a liability.
Do you think formation of Whirlpool’s employee networks is the best way to promote a positive culture of diversity? Explain.

A positive...

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