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Diversity Concept Worksheet Essay

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PAGE 1 Diversity Concepts
Diversity Concept WorksheetSpring MeningerMMPBL/560 Managing in a Cross-Cultural EnvironmentProfessor David BarlageMarch 1, 2010Diversity Concepts Worksheet

Application of Concept in your personal and/or professional life

Reference to Concept in Reading

Culture is referred to as:
Way of life
Customs that are transmitted through learning
Molding of our belief systems
Behavior of those who are exposed to them
Children learn traditions by being exposed to them early in life through a process called enculturation (Kottak & Kozaitis, p. 16)

As a child growing up being raised at the age of five by my grandparents, has made me the person I am today. Doing the right thing all the times was instilled very early on and nothing but perfection was accepted. Today I still do the right thing based on my religious background and my ethics and beliefs. My behavior impacts those around me both personally and professional life. At work I always would come in with a smile on my face and say good morning to those I met on my way to my desk. One day, a colleague came up to me and asked me why I was so happy in the morning. I have to admit I was taken aback by it however, I simply replied that this is who I am and I have always been this way. The thing is that you can impact those around you by your behavior ironically enough more people felt better seeing someone smiling and saying good morning than the opposite. Molding of our belief systems can change based on our experiences or research we have done that would change the way we think about our lives. My memories of my childhood are that of remembering good always prevails over evil.

"We learn a culture by watching, listening and talking to, learning from, and being with other people. Individual members of a given culture share many memories, beliefs, values, expectations, and ways of thinking and acting. Enculturation unifies people by providing them with common experiences and knowledge"(Kottak & Kozaitis p. 15)

Culture is learned by:
Parents tell their kids to say thank you and not to talk to strangers. Mostly we learn by watching others and learning from our own experiences.

Parents expect us to grow up knowing not to steal, lie, cheat, kill and so on. In the work place we learn how to work together as a cohesive being respectful for each other's ideas, cultures, beliefs and traditions. As adults we know our boundaries in the workplace. Within the workplace there are a set of rules each employee must follow which are usually found in the code of ethics, mission and vision statement of the company. The culture in the previous company I worked for included a diverse environment where everyone was expected to work together on projects and meet deadlines. The employees learned from each other and gained knowledge to enhance their personal skills.

"Each of us grows up in the presence of a...

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