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Diversity In Augusta Georgia Essay

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Diversity in Augusta GeorgiaCommunities where we live has been working to be more diverse for years. When we step out of our houses or go to work we see people of many different races and backgrounds. But how diverse is our community really? How do our leaders treat people like you and me? Is there anything that we can do to help fix the problems?According to an article in the Augusta Chronicle, Augusta Georgia has always had a diverse population (2005). From as far back as when the city was created in 1736, the City of Augusta has been home to a diverse population. Starting with the English, who founded the city, to the Chinese, who helped build the canal, each group has made a long term investment to help the city grow. Today, Augusta is the second largest city in Georgia with a population of 195,769 people (2005). According to the United States Census Bureau report in 2006 the percentage of Caucasians in Richmond County is 44.1% , African Americans 52.3%, American Indians 0.3%, Asian Americans 1.7%, and Hispanics 2.6%. With this, Georgia as a whole is 66.4% White Americans, 29.6% African American, 0.3% American Indian, 2.7% Asian American, and 6.8% Hispanic American. This makes Richmond County one of the most divided counties in the country.Just because the population is diverse does not mean that where we live, work, and shop are as diverse. When we step out of our front door and look at our neighborhood I don’t see the same numbers and figures that are released each year. In my neighborhood everyone looks just like me. We all do about the same things around the same time and there are little to no problems between households. My community is mostly white with a few of each race. But let’s look at someone from the other side of town. Keith Walker, who is an African American living on the south side of Augusta, has a different story. Keith’s neighborhood is just the mirror image of my neighborhood. He has mostly African Americans and a few but small mix of each of the other groups. According to Keith his neighborhood does not work well together. Their crime rate is very high. Keith said, “Last year alone, the white family at the end of the block was robbed four times and their cars were vandalized, but you don’t see this happening to any of the Asian families or the Hispanic families. Our kids take what we say to heart and act on it. This is costing the Black family just because we are not teaching our children to get along no matter what the skin color.” This does not happen just in Keith’s neighborhood; there are other neighborhoods with the same problems, but it may be Caucasians doing the harm. According to the Census Scope, on Richmond County neighborhoods broken down by race, a predominately white neighborhood is 61.5% white, 31.9% black, 2.9% Hispanic, and 1.7% Asian. A predominately black neighborhood is 27.9% whites, 66.3 % black, 2.6% Hispanic, and 1.3% Asian. The way our community is broken down we...

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