Diversity In Groups In The Workplace

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Diversity in Groups within the WorkplaceDifferences in personal work style, skills, talents, education, and geographical location are examples of diversity dimensions that make a difference in how we work together in the corporate world. Management has to learn diversity in the workplace before they can actually execute diversity. Recognizing the sensitive subject is a start, but managers should be able to understand the various barriers ahead of them. They should also learn the necessities and benefits of managing workforce diversification; this concept should be fully explored.There are numerous ways in which to define diversity. Diversity includes all the ways in which people differ, and it encompasses all the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. It is all-inclusive and recognizes everyone and every group as part of the diversity that should be valued. A broad definition includes race, gender, ethnicity, age, national origin, religion and disability, but may include sexual orientation, values, personality, education, language, and physical appearance.For an organization, diversity is important because a variety of ideas that are constructively pooled and managed wisely can be vital to the success of that organization. Individuals with different backgrounds bring different ideas to an organization. According to Dossenbach, "if you have a diverse workforce, you need to be proactive and employers need to invest time to understand their workers that support them." Dossenbach goes onto say, "that every employer, supervisor, and manager needs to act as though each one of their fellow workers are essential to the team and need to treat them as partners" (2004). For some companies, this is achieved by forming cross-functional teams that rely on talent diversity to solve problems. Each member of the team approaches the problem with viewpoints and perspectives that are unique to them. These viewpoints and perspectives are developed by the experiences of the individual and are shaped by that individual's area of knowledge, social class, nationality, gender or race. Management that promotes diversity realizes that it is a key component to accomplishing worldwide success. Companies that view themselves as accomplishing worldwide success have 20 to 25 percent more foreign employees in top management than the 10 percent standard in other companies (Rosen, Ekelman, Lubbe, 2000).Diversity calls for management of organizations to be very inclusive, not just tolerating those who are different but also celebrating those differences. For managers and supervisors, employee recruitment and retention continues to be a concern throughout industries (Dossenbach, 2001). The hiring process has and can be complicated when litigation is threatened. Review of the hiring process by human resources and legal departments is necessary since courts...

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