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Diversity In Marriages Essay

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Diversity in Marriages

Enormous diversity in nationalities and cultures throughout the world often can
create obstacles to developing relationships between those who choose to be
narrow-minded and prejudiced about ethnic groups outside their own. Conflicts that
arise between Okeke and his son is an example of how affiliations with a different
culture can disrupt a relationship between two people because of one's ignorance. Okeke
believes that holding onto his culture's traditions is more important than keeping a close relationship with his son.

Nnaemeka's father chooses to follow his tribe members' opinions and customs,
rather than listen to his son and stand by his decision to marry Nene. Evidence of this is when Okeke commiserates with his fellow villagers to discuss the news of his son's
disobedience. Commenting on how shocking Nnaemeka's behavior was, the villagers
look down on Okeke's son. They think he is a bad son, even calling him "sick" and
needing a doctor or herbalist to cure his disobedience. During the tribe members'
discussion, Okeke does not stand up for his son or argue that perhaps the rest of them
may be wrong about how serious the situation really is. He agrees that Nnaemeka cannot
be an exception, he must follow the traditions no matter what. Which is why Okeke
picks out a suitable girl he thinks his son should marry. By following the tribe's customs, he is able to preserve his family's history and heritage within the Ibo culture. Arranging a marriage ensures that Nnaemeka does not have conflicts with members of his tribe, and most especially his father. Tradition of arranged marriages should not be something that makes it seem like Nnaemeka's father does not care about his son, but rather an alternative to the Western values that marriages be based solely on personal preferences between the couple. Parents in the Ibo tribe, such as Okeke, want their...

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