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Media role has changed drastically over the last few decades. With the invention of internet, people have become more aware of the surrounding and cultures and the portrayal of different cultures are more accurate than ever before. One can easily find cultural diversity in many articles, television shows, and magazines but the portrayal of this diversity has become more politically correct. People are paying special attention to the portrayal of certain cultures on the media and to avoid any problems some aspects of certain cultures are completely ignored. Student is not a big fan of television but after watching a few episodes of King of the Hill and some browsing, he was able to find the show diverse in cultures and a good example to write the reaction paper.King of the Hill is an animated sitcom that revolves around the Hill’s family and shows the issues that every family faces. According to Wikipedia, “an Emmy Award- winning series created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, for the Fox Broadcasting Company” (Wikipedia, 2008). The shows main characters are Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, His son Bobby and his friends. Even though the show revolves around the family issues but Hank’s friends and his neighbor draws picture of diversity. One of Hank’s friends Boomhauer is portrayed as African American who is usually misinterpreted by his friends because the way he speaks and is car enthusiast. Hank’s neighbor Kahn and his family who appears to be from Asia also show the diversity in media. Kahn is shown in the sitcom as “prejudiced against whites, especially "hillbillies" as he often refers to his neighbors. He frequently boasts his superiority to the others, but Hank bails him out in several episodes.” (Wikipedia, 2008). The show also portrays a picture of native Indian culture in one of the character named John Redcorn. John Redcorn is usually shown as active member of Native American rights campaign. In one of the episode Hank and his friend helps him get some land from the federal government.King of the Hill shows a balanced picture everyday life with exception on some stereotypes. It relies on showing Hank and his friends usually standing around in the alley drinking beer. If some one who is not very familiar with American culture watches the show, they might think people in Texas are...

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