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Diversity In The United States Essay

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Question 1: During the early 1990's, the United States wasn't really diverse in terms of full time employment, during this time period the full time work force broke down to 81% white, 12% black, 3% American Indian and Eskimo, and 3% Asian. Over 11% of Americans, mostly blacks and whites, were also of Hispanic origin. Nearly 10% of Americans in the full time workforce were foreign born. Looked at either way, the data from the EOC show that the future racial and ethnic makeup in relation to employment of America will be considerably different than it was in the early 1990's.

The data suggest that whites will be a declining share of the future total population, while the Hispanic share will ...view middle of the document...

6% of Whites and 9.4% of Hispanics. Hispanics often find less success than blacks and whites in the government, but find more success in the private sector similar to Indians and Asians. Hispanics, Indians and Asians are the lowest three ethnic groups in terms of government jobs, but in the top four of jobs in the private sector. In turn, many more blacks seem to be unemployed because of recent government layoffs. Blacks have been more susceptible to the drastic layoffs in government in the past three years because they make up an uneven share of public sector workers. When you think of public welfare, in its simplest terms you think of people in need and people having to have compassion towards the less needy, women typically are more caring than men. In the data there is a disproportionate amount of whites in the public welfare administration, totalling almost more than all other ethnic groups combined. Fulltime white women in the public welfare sector are almost 4 times the amount of white men, this trend is typically the same for all ethnic groups. Although women are more prominent in this industry, men make significantly more than the women. This gap is an ongoing problem that we face in all industries whether it be full or part time jobs.
Question 2. The pay gap in U.S. between men and women has narrowed since the 1970's, the pay gap has significantly decreased, however there is still a long way till the problem is completely solved. In the data observed between men you see very little disparity between ethnic groups with all groups making between $71000-$73000, Asian however are the highest earning and the lowest are blacks. Between women, there is a similar trend, but Asian women are the highest and white women the lowest earners. Asians on average make more money than any other ethnic group and this is most likely due to the amount of education that Asians pursue on average than the other major age groups. In 2009 Asian American women were paid 95% of what Asian American men made and 103% of what white men were paid. So while the gap is slightly lower between Asian men and women the gap between Asian women compared to other male groups are really unexpected. Black women have seen a huge upgrade in terms of pay in the past 20 years. In the early 1990's black women made 76% of what black men made in 2009 they were making close to 94% of what black men were making. In all ethnic groups the gap between the men and women has shrunk substantianally in the 2000's. This is due to the amount of education each ethnic group men or women being able to receive the same amount of education. In the chart below this looks at the weekly pay for each ethnic group, although this looks substantial this is a huge improvement from what it was in the 1990's. Many believe that the gap in part is due to the amount of time women need to take off for pregnancy leave and that women usually work in lower paying fields. In governmental jobs women more women do more...

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