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With today's workforce becoming increasingly diverse and organizations doing more to maximize the benefits of the differences in employees, organizations are relying on managers to get the people who get the job done. People have always been the central to organizations, but there strategic importance is growing in today's knowledge-based business world. An organization's success increasingly depends on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its employees excluding there gender, age, ethnicity, and the differences in skill and abilities. When employees' talents are valuable, rare, difficult to imitate and organize, an organization can achieve an advantage. Having managers or human resource departments that are superb for identifying, recruiting, and hiring the best talent available will allow the organization to employ people with skill, and capabilities that add value to the organization. There are times when gender, age, and ethnicity are considered. Is this an overall process that effective and efficient business organizations base there employment status on? A diverse workforce that has been established within business environments are important. Companies that value the ways cultural and workforce diversity contribute to long-term success, innovation and productivity embrace methods that enhance efficiency (Waller,2006 pg.50-52).
Diversity has many different meanings. The description of diversity can be classified into categories: human, cultural and systems. Human diversity encompasses the physical difference of individuals, such as skin color, gender and appearance. Cultural diversity, on the other hand, looks at individual cultural issues such as religious beliefs, family background and upbringing. Systems diversity focuses on personality styles such as extraverts versus introvert or analytical versus emotional thinkers. Today's workforce is undoubtedly varied. Creating an environment that is acceptable and optimum for performing is what you want in the business environment. This will reduce the chances that an employee will feel under-valued, which can ultimately affect absenteeism rates and employee turnover. More diverse companies produce better results. Companies that respect and support individual employees ethnicity, age, gender, skills, and abilities provide for an all-inclusive atmosphere that allows employees to feel comfortable. Understanding cultural mannerisms, linking them to there abilities and not taking there age and gender to heart may help the judgement of candidates for their job skills, not their interview skills.
The world is full of unique people. To reach people that are from all walks of life, you'll need employees who are representatives of all these walks of life. Employees with different backgrounds bring different ideas to an organization. Because today's business environment is filled with people of all age...

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