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Many indigenous communities in today’s society are not being included in the day to day aspects of life including health services and education, due to their cultures beliefs and values. In an early childhood centre it is important to create an environment that is inclusive of all children and their families. The Victorian government is in the process of developing and implementing an Aboriginal Inclusion Framework, which aims to improve the practice of universal services for Aboriginal children, young people, and families with particular focus on promoting participation (Barrot Borran). The Aboriginal Inclusion Framework issued suggests that services are to become universal and they need to provide services to all Victorian and also to assume responsibility for being welcoming to aboriginal families symbolically as well as through their practice and way of doing business. As the Victorian government starts to become aware of the effects that non-inclusive practices are having on our young indigenous children, they are designing and implementing strategies and plans to combat the non-inclusiveness.

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (2012) have addressed a number of key areas of learning and development. This includes children having a strong sense of identity; children who are connected with and contribute to the world, children who have a strong sense of well-being, children are confident in involved learners and children are effective communicators. In outcome 1, children have a strong sense of identity, outlines that in order for children to form a strong sense of self, children need to be able to build secure of relationships services in their family and then with caring inattentive adults in other settings. In accordance with this outcome it is important as an educator to allow indigenous children to discover self-identity so they can become effective communicators and become active participants in their communities (Garvis & Pendergast et al., 2012). As important it is to help indigenous students with feeling included it’s also very important to make the centre a family centered practice. To enable this to happen as educators we need to engage in family centred practice by respecting the pivotal role families in children lives (Garvis & Pendergast et al., 2012).

The government has proposed a document Wannik. This document has strategies to help reform the government school systems education for Koorie students including: Delivering extensive cultural awareness training to teachers and support staff in Victorian schools in partnership with the Koorie community and Ensuring teaching practices and student pathways opportunities are informed by high expectations for Koorie learners (DEECD, 2008).

Educators in early childhood services must be able to provide an environment that is understanding and inclusive of the child and families cult rural beliefs. This can be shown through programs that can be implemented...

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