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Malcolm (2005) stressed that there is a shortage of qualified and motivated people for librarianship. Thurston (2012) addressed that “law librarianship may also compete with other fields of librarianship for qualified minority candidates” (p. 2012). “There are many possible reasons that have been presented for why, after years of discussion and action, law librarianship is still not mere racially and ethnically diverse” (Thurston, 2012, p. 368). Finding reasoning on how to bring the “zing and zest” back into the profession is a hassle. Malcolm (2005) discussed how within law librarianship, you have to show the softer side of librarianship to law students by taking them into the actual working areas to see the “behind the scenes” aspect of librarianship. Using “a short piece in [the] newsletters can be a good vehicle for promoting law librarianship as a possible career option” (Malcolm, 2005, p. 18). Showing that librarianship is indeed a rewarding field of study can be a “hard sale” if you do not “sell the idea” in a great package. “Law schools will need to find new and more effective ways to recruit and train minority candidates, as such candidates may not attend law school with the traditional career path in mind” (Gabriel, 2013, p. 266). Learning how to re-discover what tools you already have to motivate the younger generation into this profession can be of great benefit to the support of such a recruitment process. Being open-minded to realize that the experience may be lacking in law students as far as on the job experience, however, what better way to go than to have them work and gain experience along the way. Malcolm (2005) suggested that “working in a law library is probably the best way to learn about the profession” (p. 19). Thurston also conveyed “despite the explosive growth of minority groups in the U.S. population over the past several decades, law librarianship has been slow to reflect the country’s diversity in terms of increasing its minority membership” (p. 362). This was just a beginning aspect of the diversity issue in librarianship but certainly not the last as shown in the lack of recruitment for minorities.
An example of a lack of recruitment for an ethnic group of librarians is that of the Native Americans. Patterson (2000) discussed how due to lack of financial stability there are few Native American Librarians on the reservations that have an education to provide appropriate library services to its patrons. As with most professions today, monetary gain is not of a high priority which can affect the amount of qualified librarians into these libraries. As stated before, there is also limited research to validate the reasons behind such a low number of Native American librarians. However, being a librarian can mean becoming personable to strangers and hence providing them with information. With that being said, Patterson (2000) described how developing a more personable and direct relationship with Native Americans who...

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