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“Rapid internationalization and globalization has enhanced the significance of workforce diversity”. (Shen, 2009) There is now a growing need for diversity management and interlacing cultural differences into the company’s core values. Within the last couple of decades human resource management has tied in diversity management with compliance to the EEOC and affirmative action. Going forward into the future, companies need to start looking at diversity in the workplace as an individual focus to utilize. “Less attention has been paid to valuing, developing and making use of diversity”. (Shen, 2009) The marketplace is changing rapidly, for a company to be successful the demographics in the work setting must be similar. “Diversity management does not only recognize but also values and harnesses workforce differences, such as individual characteristics, backgrounds, orientations, and religious beliefs, so that individual talents are being fully utilized and organizational goals are met”. (Shen, 2009)
Not only are there benefits for external stakeholders to see a company’s diversity management successful, internally having different viewpoints and cultural backgrounds help bring new perspectives to problem solving. A study found that “a diverse workforce has a better quality solution to brainstorming tasks, displays more cooperative behavior relative to homogenous groups, and can raise organizational efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.” (Shen, 2009) Human resources’ role in diversity management is finding a way to implement a strategy to incorporate diversity into a corporation’s day-to-day activity. “Both HRM and diversity management are concerned with individual differences the development and well being of each and every individual”. (Shen, 2009) HR has the job of being the employee’s voice. If a minority group is feeling underrepresented their productivity slows and the company morale diminishes. The only way diversity can enhance a company’s strategic goals is with successful management incorporating cultural differences into daily tasks and situations. Human resources managers would care about diversity because their job is to manage human talent.
The financial portion of the company would see the benefits of a multicultural workforce through the bottom line. “When managed properly, the resource of diversity can improve organizational performance on the traditional goals of revenue growth, profitability and maximization of resource utilization.” (Sing, Winkel, Selvarajan, 2013) In the past diversity was unwelcomed, eventually it grew to be tolerated and now it is being realized as a business asset. It no longer is about compliance it is about incorporation. “It appears the melting pot mentality with emphasis on a homogenized workforce is giving away to a more multicultural perspective in which diversity is not only respected but desired.” (Cole and Manjula, 2013)
Equality in business wasn’t always a standard practice,...

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