Diversity Programs At The New England Aquarium

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In the case of “Diversity Programs at the New England Aquarium”, all four frames – structural, human resources, political, and symbolic— show a different perspective of the underlying management issues surrounding the New England Aquarium. The issues that surround the structural frame are based around the aquarium’s goals and mission, as well as the actual organizational structure and coordination. The human resource frame will be used to view the relationships and balance between the needs of the organization and the needs of the people involved at the aquarium. Next, we will look at the political frame in order to better understand “the battle” for the tight resources, and the political arena that exists in the aquarium. Lastly, we will discuss the symbolic frame to view the symbols at the aquarium and show their affect the organization.

      Within the assumptions of the structural frame we will use it The first and most notable structural management issue is the goals that were setup by the aquarium. The original goal of the aquarium, as stated in the first mission statement, was, “make known the world of water through education, research, and exhibition.” Since the aquarium wanted to attract a diverse population into the aquarium the mission statement was amended to say a “responsive community resource to attract the broadest possible audience”, and a “culturally diverse staff.” There were many different types of programs to reach the goals of the aquarium, but they all seemed to fall short of attracting the diverse staff and visitors to the aquarium. Not reaching the goals, as stated in the structural frame, can maximize issues within the organization.

     The next management issue, within the structural frame, lies in the structural tensions at the aquarium. There are two design issues that are in the core of the organizational structure: differentiation, and integration (Bolman p49). The first issue with differentiation comes up with the interns in the organization. There was a time where the interns where not making well use of time, and it wasn’t till the intern’s responsibilities were restructured that the interns were able to make use of the time, and make the most out of their positions. The next group that had difficulties was the finding proper and suitable work for the incoming diversity program students. This was, in part, due to the fact that there was no planning or...

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